Friday, December 2, 2011

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

My husband and I put up our tree a week ago and are still putting up some decorations here & there. Well, I bought Julianna a Santa Suit so I could take some Christmas pictures of her. Well... after about 2 minutes of the toddler refusing to stay still for any pictures, I realized how much easier it was to take her picture for Christmas last year. Julianna was almost 7 months old at this time last year, and I could sit her down nicely so she wasn't able to move around too much.

It is much much harder to capture a good picture of a nutty 18 month old toddler that dodges you and only wants to play with the buttons on her Santa suit, play with the Christmas lights or chase the dog to pull her tail! Nothing like snapping 170 pictures only to get 4 usable ones! Good thing we don't use film any  more! haha!

Julianna helping me to sort through the Christmas lights. 

 Pepper resting comfortably in the pillows until the child comes to torture her! 

 Julianna smiling at Daddy! 

 Miss Innocent! {Yeah right, notice the slain Snoopy in the bottom corner!}

 Pouty lips 

 Julianna happily sharing her Cheerios with an obliging Pepper! 

 Pepper chasing Julianna, looking for more Cheerios no doubt!  (Note the paw behind her!) 

Awwwww. We love Pepper! 


  1. I love the picture where she is smiling at her Dad. They have that effect on daughter's, mine cannot see her Dad without breaking into a big smile.

  2. Yeah! She loves her Daddy! It makes me smile too! :)


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