Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Wednesday - Holiday Home Extravaganza

I am linking up to this post called Holiday Home Extravaganza over at "For the Love of Blogs" ...
It's where other bloggers go to show off their Holiday decorations... It looked like fun, so I took some pictures and here are the ones I am linking up. Check it out if you have some holiday decorations you want to share! I will admit, mine are not quite "extravagant" like some of the others there... but hey, this is all for fun right?!

And here it is... My Home Holiday decor... (try not to yawn, I warned you it wasn't extravagant!)
Believe it or not, I do not have a decent picture of our Christmas tree yet!! I have to work on that one once the presents are under the tree...

Julianna's "Advent" Calendar stocking

Mr. Santa in front of our wood stove 

Random decorations on our cabinets 

End table decor 

Santa's on the tv stand 

And here's my favorite decoration ... 

Wooden Christmas tree with lights 

Waving Santa 

 Our angel

Mr Reindeer 


  1. Your favorite decoration is mine too. Your daughter has the kind of face you just want to kiss!!

  2. Great Christmas post, Skye. Love the photos. Most especially the one of my favorite granddaughter...My only one. :)

  3. Great post--it makes me feel Christmasy just reading it! I love Julianna's curls--she totally looks like a Christmas decoration!


  4. Oh I love your decorations. Is Julianna loving all of the Santas and lights? Nate is obsessed. That pic of her is absolutely adorable. I love the little barrette in her hair. So cute!


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