Monday, May 7, 2012

* LINK UP * Favorite photos from the past month

I was going through my pictures from the last month - and chose a few of my favorites. Do you ever do  go through yours and pick out your favorite ones? 

I like some of these because they remind me of what a fun day it was when I took those pictures, and I like some of the others because I snapped it fast only to find out later, it came out much better than I had anticipated.

I decided to do my first ever Link-Up today. I would love to see your favorite pictures that you've taken in the past month. There is no limit on how many you share, but I do ask that the photos you share are your own. Link up at the bottom of this post to share your photos... 

Here are my favorites from the past month 

I love looking at my girl when she is thinking deep thoughts. 
I wish I knew what she's thinking while she's looking out at the other kids playing at the park. 

I just adore tu-tu's! 

This reminds me of an old-fashioned beach shot from the 50's. 

 I took this one while walking down a street in Charleston, SC. 

This is one of my favorite daddy/daughter shots ever. 

Once again ... lost in deep thoughts. 

Not the sharpest picture by any means ...
but I love shooting Julianna from above because of her long eyelashes and in this case, the shadows too.

Do you have some favorite photos you have taken in the last month?
Link up below using the link tool below, and show us some of your favorite pictures. 
I can't wait to see them all! 

Two Rules: 
Please link back to your Blog post or a Flickr/Picasa type website (not facebook).
Please share photos you shot yourself. If you can, tell us why you like them!   


  1. Oh, I LOVE that father/daughter photo! And the beach one...all of these are great!

    1. Thank you Susan! It might be my favorite picture of them yet! :)

  2. That beach shot should be hanging on your wall; it's gorgeous!


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