Friday, May 11, 2012

Stuff Lately and the Month of May ...

So let's play catch up. Here's what's going on ...

We went to the Nursery to buy our annual flowers - which we have not been able to plant due to the fact it has been raining every day for a week (or so it seems). They very wet, sitting on our very wet patio table on our very wet deck. Maybe I will get to plant them this weekend ...

Julianna picking out flowers at the Nursery

 Very Wet Clematis - waiting desperately to be planted so it can climb and be free

"Plant me!"

Wind Chime on our deck

We've been indoors lately due to the rainy wet stuff. Julianna loves to play on her leap-top computer. (Get it- "Leap top" like "Laptop") - She copies Mommy & Daddy as she types away feverishly on her own little toddler Laptop. It's so cute! She wants to be just like us. {Maybe?!}

This child is obsessed with shoes. Obsessed. Totally. She runs to get our shoes and tries to put them on our feet all the time- while saying "Mommy Daddy - Shoe Shoe ". I took the girl into a shoe-store to get her a new pair of shoes last week and she was in Shoe-Heaven. She just kept saying SHOES SHOES over and over and pointing. Ooooh Awww!


I am almost done reading "The Shack" - It's an interesting read. I am not normally a very religious person but someone told me about this book after I went through some rough personal issues recently. The theme of the book is this: Where is God in a world so filled with unspeakable pain? 
It has actually made me look at some things from a different perspective and comforted me in what I was dealing with mentally. It is deep, I will warn you, and not too light hearted. But still a good read for anyone that has dealt with any kind of tragedy in their life and is trying to make peace with it.

On a lighter note.... I've jumped on the "50 Shades of Grey" bandwagon. Well... almost. I downloaded the sample to my Kindle and it seems good. I'll purchase it next weekend when I have more time to read. I hadn't heard of this book until SNL (Saturday Night Live) did a super funny skit on it this past weekend. Yup I live in a cave apparently.
 WATCH IT HERE if you want to laugh!! 
Then the next day, my dental hygienist told me to BUY IT NOW. Someone else told me to BUY IT NOW. One of my bloggy friends is reading it and recommended it. My dental hygienist called it Mommy Porn. Hahahaha! Sure, I'm in - I can use a fast read like that after the Shack!


This weekend coming up is an exciting one for us! This month in general is a great one actually!
In the month of May, Brian and I are celebrating 5 years of marriage! We are celebrating our 2nd Mother's Day! And .... Our baby girl Julianna's 2nd birthday! So exciting!

For our anniversary, Brian is taking me to a very special restaurant where they grow their own food and it's supposed to be incredible - not to mention it's on a 90 acre mountain top location. I can't wait!

For Mother's Day, we are going with my mother to the place where we got married, for brunch. We went last year and it was fabulous. Can't wait to go again this Sunday!

And... last but not least, for Julianna's party - we are doing a small party here with just some close friends & family - at the house- just a small BBQ. Nothing crazy like last year. It's a Minnie Mouse theme since J loves the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse! It's going to be a great month!

That's all for now... Let's do the hotdog dance...
(Mickey Mouse Clubhouse song that Julianna loves to dance to!)


  1. oh love the invitations! I am ready to read Fifty Shades of Grey! Maybe I will start this weekend.

    Enjoy your Mother's Day!

    1. Yeah, I am going to start it this weekend too! Enjoy Your mother's day too! :)

  2. Great images! Beautiful flowers and lovely shots ofyour little one. She has great atste in running shoes (I have the same pair!!)
    And, yes, The shack is a heavy read but a good one.
    Happy Mother's Day!

    1. Thank you Liz! Happy Mothers day to you too!

  3. Okay, my little one loves shoes too! She is obsessed with her own shoes, with mommy's shoes, with daddy's shoes. It's crazy. She actually put my platform shoes on and walked in them like she had been walking in them for years. No falling down or anything! It was quite impressive. I posted pics of her in them. Also, my baby is crazy in love with The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse so her 2nd birthday this year will probably be Mickey Mouse themed again. I'm so excited to be taking her to Disney World this year! It seems like our little ones are very similar! Oh and I just love her pig tails. I was just thinking of trying this is Alivia's hair. It's just getting long enough. I tried it about 6 months ago but I had to use like a million bobby pins :o)

    1. Elena, Glad to know I am not the only one with a kid with Shoe-OCD LOL! My daughter tried to get in my new heals but couldn't - YET. haha! Soon enough - LOL. You are doing Mickey Mouse too!? How cool! THey all love it - and I'm sure yours loves the hotdog dance too! haha! Have fun in Disney - We will make it there one year soon - I used to never want to go there but now I can't wait to bring her. I know it will be so much fun! Oh and a tip from an x-hairdresser (me!), with the pig tails, wet her hair first and use a little bit of styling product or even leave in conditioner to hold the hair together - then comb it into the piggy tails - it works ;) Have a wonderful day!

  4. I'm so glad I found your sweet blog! Love your flower pictures!!!! Your newest stalker from :)

    1. Hi Ashley - thanks! I love taking pictures of flowers - sometimes too much haaha! I get carried away. See you again!

  5. Kylie is into shoes also! It's funny because she can actually stand in her daddy's shoes with them being backwards, need to get a picture of it!

    1. Yeah Alicia - you need to get a picture of that - so funny! These kids do some crazy stuff that makes us laugh I swear! :)


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