Friday, May 4, 2012

Who are you? Tell me...

This means you. 

I truly enjoy reading all comments from everyone. They make my day! Comments make me feel like I'm not wasting time and energy blogging for no one. It makes me feel like when I hit the PUBLISH button, at least someone cares. I look at the number of followers, and while I know those are not limited to just my readers, I do try to go and visit each person's blog if they have one linked to them. I also try to visit my favorite blogs I have listed on the right column too. It's hard to keep up - but I do try to leave comments because I know how much it means. 

I do realize not everyone likes to leave a comment. Some people just read, enjoy and move on, which is fine. Just once, I would love to see who you all are.  I would love to hear a little bit from every single one of you that clicks on my blog to read - even if you visited once.... or every week. 

I got the "Who are you" idea from THIS blog. I will give credit where credit is due. I love the idea so I'm going with it....

So here's what you can answer for me
I'll put my answers below the questions to start it off! 

1. Who are you? (You do not have to use names necessarily if you don't want to, feel free to be creative with your answer)

My name is Skye. Named after the Isle of Skye.  

2. Where are you from? (again, you can be creative with this as I am not looking to see your home mailing address)

I am from New Jersey. I beg you not to believe anything you see on "Jersey Shore".

3. If you have a blog, what is it and what is your theme? Even if you don't write often or stopped blogging, or write daily,  tell us about it and what's the website?

This is my only blog. I like to talk about my family, my daughter, kid stuff & show some photos that I take all week long. I enjoy blogging but sometimes I hit a wall and have no clue what to talk about... so I take a small break and get inspired by other blogs. 

4. Don't have a blog? Tell me some of your other favorite blogs! Share the love here for others. 

My favorite blogs are listed over on the right here --------->>  
I especially like mom blogs and photography blogs. 

So, tell us about yourself. Don't be shy. Just this once. Come on - share it! 
I want to hear from everyone even if you have never spoken up here or comment every time! 
Have a wonderful day! 

p.s. I have an exciting post coming up on Monday 5/7 - I will be doing my first ever LINK UP for you to post your favorite pictures from the past month. Get your photos ready for Monday - and get ready to Link up. 


  1. I think you know all about me. :).

    1. Haha! I sure do! I actually saw you did a post like this as well- funny! I guess we all were looking for something new! :) Have a great weekend !

  2. I am Judy Moore Graham!!! I was named after my great grandmother on my father's side. I was born in Tupelo, Mississippi. YES Elvis Presley"s home town. Married my Pen Pal ( before and have been married for 41 years lived On Long Island, NY for 4 yrs then moved to Budd Lake NJ then Hackettstown NJ and lived there for 30 years! and YES don't believe ANYTHING on Jersey Shore!! We lived in the apts. when Skye and her family moved next to us and we have been forever friends to this day!!! I love your blog and also your Mom's blog and love to read all about how much your family has grown!! I miss seeing you and getting to know your little girl and miss your Mom much!!! Ohio has been good.. we get to see Rebecca and Adam every week along with get togathers and the kids get to have "sleepovers" at Mamaw and Pop-pops.. Rebecca has 2 girls, Morgan 11 and Emily almost 6,Adam has 2 also Nathan just turned 7 and Alexis is 4, she is the diva... Okay guess you knew all of that since we have known each other for a few years.. Enjoy your little girl and please continue with this blog and PICTURES of your growing beautiful family!! hugs and Kisses to you and Brian!!!! <3 Mrs. G

    1. You met Mr G as his pen pal?? No way! And I thought I knew almost everything about you! That's pretty cool - like of it's day! I miss seeing all of you - wish you were all closer to us! Bummer! Glad you enjoy seeing our pictures! I enjoy posting them! Facebook helps us all to keep in ouch of course!

  3. Hi Skye,

    I'm Mary from Raleigh, NC. I started reading your blog from your mom's blog. I would read your mom's posts/reviews from Lee Child's website, then she started her own, which is my favorite blog. Thru her blog, I started reading your blog and enjoy it very much. I have no blog and am barely computer literate.

    1. Hi Mary! So nice to meet you and thanks so much for stopping by! This is the stuff I love to hear- thanks so much for reading my blog and finding me through my mother's blog! :) Hope you are having a great day!


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