Sunday, June 24, 2012

Fathers Day - Play Ball!

I surprised my husband for Father's day (yes I'm a week behind here!) with NJ Montclair Jackals baseball tickets. They are an independent minor league baseball team about 45 minutes from our house. For Father's day, they had "Family day" so that dads could come with their families.

The stadium is geared towards kids & families, so I was so curious to see how Julianna would be. We love baseball but I totally know she is not ready for a NY Yankees game yet. For the Jackals game, we never actually made it to our seats. We found a bench up top by the walkway and food, and sat there most of the game, then moved onto the huge grassy area they have for kids and families in the outfield. They had $1 hot dogs for family day. Even the beer was not expensive! Woohoo. We also got our Free Jackals hats for being 3 of the first one thousand people into the park. Score!

Brian loved his surprise and said he would like to go back for family day again soon. Julianna was well behaved & had a great time. She even clapped when one of the jackals hit a home run. And the best part was, she got to run the bases at the end of the game with daddy (I ran with them to snap pictures & for moral support).  It was a fun day!

Julianna loves her sunglasses. 

But loves her new Jackals hat more!

Julianna loves drinking water out of a bottle like a big girl. 

The Jackal mascot 

Snuggling with Daddy during the game

Watching the game from the outfield 

Run those bases! 

Touch em' all! 


  1. Love her curls. Great pictures!

  2. If she gets any more adorable I won't be able to stand it.....Oh yes, I will. Ha! Wonderful pix, Skye.

    1. :) Thanks! We had a fun day - but seeing Julianna have fun makes it that much better! :)

  3. Sounds like a fun day for all of you! She is just so flippin' cute! Love the sunglasses on her head. I think that baseball cap may be little too small for her though ;o)

    1. Thanks yes it was! She is addicted to sunglasses – the other morning, we went out to breakfast and she refused to take them off the whole time- she had them on for the entire breakfast- everyone in the diner was cracking up at her. We were too! LOL! These kids just have their own unique personality I swear! :)


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