Thursday, June 21, 2012

Nice park; Bad park.

On my day off last Friday, I took Julianna to a local park that we like and have been to before. I really like this park because it is the town's recreation center. There are baseball fields, soccer fields, walking paths, a huge dog park, and some open fields along with a decent size playground. I am trying to go to all the local playgrounds lately and try them out. I also try to rate each playground (in my head) so I know whether or not I'll ever come back. This one is a keeper. We have been here before. It's clean, well kept & safe.

I tried another park (in the town of Byram) a couple weeks ago that looked nice online.... But when I got there, the parking situation was horrible. You had to walk up a ton of stairs to get to the playground. I guess the person who designed it did not give a thought to little kids, old folks or strollers. Trying to get a toddler up all those stairs (especially a toddler that insists on climbing EACH stair on her own taking her grand old time!) is less than easy. When we finally got to the actual playground, it was filthy with trash, cigarette butts, food and other unidentifiable things. There was no excuse being there were 3 large trash cans in the playground perimeter. It was also a big mud pit. The wood chips were all washed into the corners and the wooden jungle gyms were in need of repairs. No wonder no other kids were there. Pretty sad considering the community it's in pays come pretty high taxes. Glad its not in my town.

Do you try out different parks in your area? Or do you stick to the same one that you or your kids like? I have tried a few different parks & playgrounds here for a change of scenery and to get away from the 'same old- same old". It's fun too! Sometimes you hit big and other times (like Byram) you know you are never returning. There is a cool "Playground" website for New Jersey.... Check it out HERE. I'm sure there are ones like it for each state. 

These pictures are from the nice park that we like. 
Julianna insisted on getting on the big kids part of the jungle gym, but then wanted to get down immediately 

Julianna sat there wondering if she should go down the tunnel slide. After much consideration, she opted out. 

She loved spinning on the spinny seat thing. 

A great day with fluffy clouds and blue sky! 

Loving the swing. Julianna could go on the swing for hours... no no ... for days! 

More sitting in the spinny seat thing - she loves it! 

This was from that "OTHER" park/playground that we are never going back to. Here are the steps to the playground. 
Can you imagine trying to get up this with a stroller? hahaha! 

Have a great day !! 


  1. Great pictures and I love her shirt!

    1. Thank you Kim! THat's one of her many Minnie Mouse shirts- She is a huge Mickey & minnie fan :)

  2. Your little girl is so cute. Would make a great match with my little boy :) haha

    1. thank you shelly! I had to go check out your blog to see your little boy and yes, he is precious ... they would make a cute couple hahaa! BTW, count me in as a new follower - great photography tips for sure! :) Right up my ally!


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