Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Wednesday Catch Up

Another week has come & gone ... Here's some stuff going on.

  • Julianna is saying new words daily - she is at the age where her vocabulary is improving so much and she is saying new words every day. She is growing so fast - somedays I just want her to stay little forever because I love it so much. I love this age.
  • My mother's 70th birthday was this past weekend. We went out to eat with her, my aunt & uncle - at one of our favorite restaurants called Cinders. It was a good meal and good time. I can't believe my mom is 70. I don't think of anyone in my family as "old" ever... no one in my own family seems to age (including myself, until I look in the mirror!). Haha.
  • I'm trying to figure out how to use Icloud. Iphone.... Icloud... Mac Book ... somehow they all are supposed to talk to each other. How? Who knows. I have a technical job and know PCs rather well - but can not figure out Icloud. I need to go on Apple's website and actually take the I-dummy tutorial.
  • My NY Yankees are winning. They're starting to look a lot like the normal Yankees I know & love... and not those hitless wonders that started the season this year. The pitching is coming around and so is the hitting... do we have it in us this year? Sure, why not! We are going to a game in a couple weeks with some friends. I'm looking forward to it to say the least.
  • I have off the next 2 Fridays... to make 2 long weekends in a row. Can you say psyched?! Heck Yeah! This Friday's weather is supposed to be nice - so I plan on taking Julianna somewhere, maybe the local arboretum. I decided I want to do "My day in Instagram pictures" on Friday too... It will be fun.

At our community garden - Julianna is ready to go. Right away. 

Sportin the shades. 

Sun catcher

Looking around the garden, with her purse. (So much like her mommy!) 

The community garden - this is not our plot but it's a nice one! 

This is our plot at the community garden - my husband works so hard at getting our veggies to grow!

View of the garden from the gate - It will look better once everyone's plants & veggies grow in 

Julianna in her Minnie Mouse Tankini - splashing at the pool on Memorial Day 

My girl has such pretty curls 

Daddy & Julianna 

Blowing bubbles is so much fun!

On the swing at the park 

Memorial day Flag

I'll be posting my "My Day" on friday in Instagram photos... probably by Saturday morning. Check back then! Have a great week!


  1. Love her purse! Enjoy your Friday off!

    1. thanks - she is such a girly girl - I love it! Skirts & purses are her favorite thing :)

  2. Pretty curls is understated; they are gorgeous! I love the oversized glasses and purse. My little one loves sunglasses and purses too! It's amazing how quickly their vocabulary develops! I love hearing my little one say new things! It is so cute!

    1. Thank You! It also helps when Julianna has a mommy that used to be a hairdresser... I put a little bit of curl cream in her hair and am neurotic about making sure it looks ok before she leaves the house LOL. (crazy mama!)
      She is a sunglasses addict... but I guess she copies what she sees. Me and my husband have our sunglasses on all the time ... so she wants to be like us. Except she breaks her sunglasses all the time - I need to go buy 20 pair when they're on sale at childens place LOL.
      Yeah the talking - every day it's a new word - I love it. Yesterday was "House" - "Mama go house" - Oh ok?! She just learned cookie too. Darn.

  3. Her curls are the prettiest ever!! I love her hair! Ha, taking her purse with her to the garden, that is so cute! i know you will enjoy having those long weekends to spend with her.

    1. Thank you Alicia! I hope she has curly hair forever... it seems to be getting curlier as she gets older, so we'll see! And she does love her purse indeed! She wants to be just like mama (Yayy - makes me feel good!) I am looking forward to the time off with her. I cherish those days! :)


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