Friday, June 29, 2012

Grandma's pool

This past weekend, we visited my Inlaws for the weekend. They are about 3 hours away - and we go up there often or they come here to visit. They have a real nice pool and huge deck - so it's perfect to go visit in the summertime!

"No pictures please!" 

Testing the water at Grandma's pool 

This kid loves the water. She enjoys sitting on the side of the pool with her feet in (much like Mommy)

... And she hates her swimmies. Big time. Meltdown screaming 'rips them off' hates them! 

Putting on the flipflops can be challenging - but she got it! 

Playing ball with daddy in the pool. I think she was about to get hit in the face with the ball - oops! 

Playing with daddy and her cousins in the pool. 

And then she figured out how to jump into the pool into daddy's arms. Mommy had a heart attack. 
This kid has no fear of the water yet. Ugh! 

Climbing out on the latter is so much fun ... 

Julianna loves the dolphins that spit water - they are fun! 

"Yes? How can I help you?" 

Golden Girl 
This might be one of my favorites lately. 

And now... 
Some pictures taken with my iphone from this past weekend at Grandma's house 

No fear of the corkscrew slide anymore! 

Snack time! She refuses to take off the sunglasses. Diva. 

My beautiful girly-girl! 


  1. Love your little diva! That Golden Girl shot is gorgeous! I'd be blowing this one up Mama! Love the hooded cover up; she just keeps getting cuter! Oh and I would have a heart attack too watching her jump into Daddy's arms! Yikes! Sometimes, I have to keep tellin' myself not to be so protective :o)

    1. Thank you – I am more & more fond of that shot the more I look at it. I have folder of pictures that I keep as "likes" separate from everything else – to print out :) Yes, talk about heart attack – I was freaking out once I realized she had ZERO fear of the water. That is scary. So… I am going to try to get her in swimming lessons this summer if I can. If not now, then Winter time at the YMCA for sure! You are not the only one who is protective, It's all of us Mommies! That's just the way it is! :) Have a great weekend!

  2. Oh, I love those swimming pictures! And how she ripped off the swimmies--that is so cute! Harry watched Kaia go through swimming lessons this summer, and when he finally got into the pool there were no reservations. He will definitely be taking them next summer, lol!


    1. Carla - thanks! Yeah we are hoping to get her in swimming lessons soon now that I know how much she loves the pool! You had to see her this weekend, kicking her legs back like a frog on her own in the kiddie pool - oh boy - look out! Harry sounds like he is ready too! :)


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