Monday, June 18, 2012

My Day Off & the Terrible Two's!

This past Friday, I spent my day off with my daughter Julianna. I posted some pictures from Instagram on Saturday but here are some pictures from my normal camera that I took of our day. They are mostly from the Arboretum. I love taking her new places & letting her run around to discover new things. she is at a great age for discovery. 

But first.... a quick TERRIBLE TWO'S story: 
I can honestly say for the first time, Julianna had a serious major "terrible two's" moment ... well, more like an hour... at the food store tonight. She normally is very good in the food store, especially since we've been taking her shopping from week one. She has always been pretty good. NOT TONIGHT. 

She started off with a low dull whine... working her way up to a whiny annoying cry with fake tears... then graduated to a full blown screeching (and I am talking about the ear piercing scream that breaks glass) crazy horrible meltdown. Full on tears, major snot and crying. This was the night I had planned on food shopping and I was NOT about to leave my cart in the middle of the store. I told myself, "I can do this. I can do this. Be strong. You can do it". Yeah ok. I decided to walk down each isle, continue my shopping with this screaming thing. After a few minutes of shrieking, and shoppers running in the other direction while glaring at us, I was desperate. 

I resorted to bribery with the following: goldfish, banana (yes my child can be bribed with fruit - her favorite thing!), animal crackers, a toy story bouncy ball... and last but not least, a balloon. All of which gave me about 30 seconds of no crying each. I just kept repeating over and over in my head "These people don't know you - screw it! Head down, no eye contact & plow through with the screaming child." - Yeah, I was THAT mom that everyone stares at with the screaming kid! We've ALL been there. Don't deny it. 

Nothing made this girl happy. Nothing. I finally paid for my groceries and made it out to the car, where I was able to wrestle the animal crackers out of her hands {more crying and screaming} but at least I could shut the door so no one could hear her! I then proceeded to put on some nice easy listening music - Metallica - and turned it up on the way home. THIS calmed her. Yeah, Metallica calmed my child. What?! Now I know for next time. 

And now for some pictures of my sweet baby girl at the Arboretum from Friday


  1. oh my! that happened to me once at Target when my little boy was maybe a year or so. he sat on the ground and spilled an entire bag of goldfish that I had given him! :)

    Anyways, your little girl is adorable - love that first pic, and all of the photos are so nice! julie

    1. Julie, thanks!!! It makes me feel better in some way to know this has happened to others LOL - sometimes when stuff happens, and right in the middle of it, you feel like you're the only one ever to go through it. :)

  2. Been there done that. One time I actually took the kids out of the cart and left. I feel your pain I am right there with your girl...
    I love her curls. Brooke has such straight hair.

    1. I have definitely been there. Plus, having my other kids with me as well, people look at me like they hate me-lol. A few weeks ago Jacob was screaming about a nerf football that they had for sale at Pathmark and there was no way I was going to buy it for him, so I bribed him with a single serving cup of Fruit Loops cereal and he was happy for about 10 minutes and then threw them at the cashier. The lady in line behind me kept saying to me "You're such a calm mother" I wanted to say wait until I get out in the car!@

    2. Jen - Thanks about the curls - and I was sooo close to leaving the cart but I really needed to get the food shopping done - and i felt bad leaving a full cart of food there - LOL - but I can see how it would have been the easier decision LOL

      Jamie - yeah I was getting that "Get your annoying kid out of here" look from all people haha - the key is to be calm in public and put on a good front LOL Then scream in the car when no one can hear you - hahahaaa

  3. I love her skirt!

    We've been there, too. Thankfully the worst meltdown was at my in-laws which comes with it's own issues. But at least I wasn't at a store for that one. I'm sure people weren't as bothered by the screaming as you think...if they have a heart or children, they get it.

    P.S. We do bribing, too. :) And bananas and goldfish are on the top of our list! ha

    1. LOL... yeah i have been warned that these days were coming ... warned & warned again... but Julianna has never been a cranky kid overall and never badly behaved in public (unless she is tired/hungry - which is normal for any kid to behave badly) - but this was a first for us. And I am sure it will happen again. And again. It used to really bother me if she would cry in public b/c I felt like I was bothering everyone else - but now I get it. Most people that are parents do understand. When I Hear a baby cry now, I tune it out - and it doesn't bother me at all. I give the mom a 'knowing' look and smile - as if to say "Honey, it's ok!" - We all belong to the club. Glad to know Chloe likes to be bribed with bananas LOL! These girls!

  4. I feel for you! When Livvy does this, I get really embarrassed and want to crawl into a hole and cover myself with dirt! I try not to worry about anyone else but it's difficult! I'm lucky that it hasn't happened much! You are too funny with the Metallica! Hey whatever works right? Great pictures!


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