Monday, June 11, 2012

Help a girl out - Instagram?!

So, I'm new to the Instrgram thing. Slightly addicted. I like it a lot but it seems kind of limited since you can only use it with an Iphone or Droid. But hey, I get it, that is the way of the world now. I get the whole following thing and the comments, etc. It's kind of like facebook but just for photos. I'm trying to take different pictures and more 'spur of the moment' type shots for Instagram (Like a picture of my Panera lemonade and a cookie that I was about to eat- Yummy!) and not so many Julianna pictures, because let's face it, I put tons of Julianna pictures on facebook and my blog. I want Instagram to be different .

I found the website - and it offers a small "Follow me" badge for your Blog. It's kind of small and easy to miss. Any other good sites out there for Instagram'ers that anyone can recommend? What about a place to catalog my photos and see them online other than followgram?

Here are some comments or questions I have.
Maybe some of you fellow Instagram'ers can chime in here please...

How do I find people to follow? I did the contact & facebook search already through Instagram - but how else are you finding people to follow, and any suggestions on some cool people or things to follow? Is there anyone out there (this means you!) that has Instagram that I can follow that I'm not already following?

I have seen other bloggers in the past do blog posts with just their instagram pictures... I don't see a link to blogger in instagram... I guess maybe I just need to create the post and take the pictures off my phone to post them? Am I missing something? Is there an easier way?

Any other tips for using Instagram?
Yes, I can search some of this stuff online but that would be on fun - I like hearing advice & info from my blogging friends! Here a a few pics I took this week - Nothing crazy or inventive, and it sure doesn't translate well on a blog, but here they are anyway.

Have I mentioned I love my Iphone and I have totally turned to the dark side and am a true "Apple-ite" now with my Macbook and Iphone! I will never go back to a Windows PC.


  1. Yeah, you got to love Instagram! The way I follow people if I don't know their name or what to search for in the actual application is via their bloggy sites! A lot of the blogs I follow have instagram buttons (like my blog for instance). You can click on them and follow them that way. As for posting with Instagram shots. I'm not sure there is an easy way to do this. I email myself my shots, then download and insert into my posts. Feel free to grab my Instagram freebie collage too if you'd like! OH and if you like Instagram, you might like Line Camera (may be available for IPhone). It allows way more cool editing to your pics than Instagram. You can use the Line Camera and then post to Instagram.

  2. I forgot to mention that you may want to check out
    This is how people can follow you and you can follow others. Most instagram buttons (on blogging sites) will take you to this website.

    1. Oh – Line camera- thanks! I am going to check it out – I am loving all this cool stuff for iPhones! And checking out webstagram as I type now LOL! Thanks!


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