Wednesday, June 30, 2010

"House Wrens" in their new home.

A few years ago, I bought a ceramic decorative birdhouse for my deck & I had always hoped some little bird would make a home out of it.
Well I finally got my wish - yesterday I saw a pair of small brown birds making their nest inside the little birdhouse. They have a beautiful chirp too. I looked them up on and figured out they are House Wrens. Looks like the male & female stay together. One builds the nest while the other chirps for hours outside the birdhouse (letting the other know the coast is clear maybe?)

They are doing what we all strive for in life - to have a happy & safe home to raise a family in.

They are a little skiddish of me yet - but I did manage to get a blurry picture b/c it's from far away - here is a picture of the birdhouse & the wrens below. They are pretty little birds!
Sadly I can't put a feeder out for them - we had to stop feeding the birds 5 years ago when we had bears coming on our deck to rip down the feeders. It's a shame because I loved feeding the birds, it's a fun & relaxing hobby. We had several feeders up until the bears moved in. I had identified over 30 bird breeds that came to eat here before we had to remove all the feeders...

p.s. Yes my deck needs to be re-stained. Maybe this summer's project LOL.


  1. Guess you were able to get a picture. i bet u can put a grape or two on the deck for them - maybe some raisons. I just checked my backyard bird pocket guide (that some awesome chick named Skye gave me) and they only eat insects. hhmm, Its cousin the Carolina Wren which was at my suet feeders most of the winder likes berries...u think them crazy bears will smell one strawberry or grape?

  2. I'll try putting out a few berries ... More like the fat squirrels will smell it from a mile away and beat the wrens to it! LOL

  3. Wonderful post, Skye.


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