Monday, November 1, 2010

Fall Memories 2010 - Pumpkin Picking with our little Pumpkin

Arriving at the Pumpkin Farm

Neat Gords!

Daddy & Julianna trying to pick out a pumpkin 

Taking a break .... It's hard work looking for the perfect pumpkin!

We found the perfect one!

Daddy & Julianna carving the pumpkin.
She's not quite sure what to think of it.
(Not to worry, the child didn't come within 5 feet of the carving knife!)

The Finished Product.
Didn't we do such a great job?
OK I'll admit, I had nothing to do with it, my hubsand carved the whole thing!


  1. Great pumpkin, Brian! Great pictures too. Looks like you all hae a fabulous time.

  2. thanks- it was fun! He did a great job!

  3. Looks like you guys had a blast!!

  4. thanks Aimme! We did - anything that we do for a holiday with the baby is more fun than it used to be!! :)


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