Monday, May 2, 2011

The unimaginable

I did the unimaginable. I had to. I had no choice. Sometimes you just have to make certain decisions to do something you thought you could never do as a parent and accept it.

I will preface this with (for those of you who don't know) that I am an ENORMOUS Germ-phobe! Huge!

I went to the Food Store with Julianna on Sunday... and once I was there, I had to pee. And I knew there was no way would I make it through my shopping if I didn't go. I thought about having a stranger or worker hold her while I went into the bathroom- then quickly thought NO way. She'll be kidnapped with my luck.

Since it was just me & Jules... I was forced to bring her in the bathroom with me and pray they had one of those pop-out wall chairs that some bathrooms so graciously have installed. Well not Shoprite. No child seat. No changing table in the stall either. No anything to accommodate your child while Mommy does her thing.

I was forced to do what I could never imagine doing in my wildest dreams. In the stall I went... I had to put Julianna ON THE GROSS DIRTY BATHROOM floor. Ahhh! I waited for the other patron to leave the bathroom so they wouldn't think I was a demented person. I sat her down gently on the floor directly in front of me... I did my thing ... FAST ... while she was sitting there (not touching the ground thank goodness!) and staring up at me with big eyes! She must have read my vibe because she stayed perfectly still like the best little girl in the entire world! I actually thought about whipping out my Blackvberry to take a photo of her, but then decided against it. haha!

I scooped her up, washed my hands, and put her back in the shopping cart. I then popped open my trusty sanitzing wipes, and wiped off every piece of Julianna's skin that was not covered just in case a germ jumped onto her from the floor (Yep, laugh it up - I am one of "Those" people!).

So anyway, maybe some of you have done this already and are laughing with me. Maybe some of you have never done it and are laughing at me in disgust LOL.  I don't often run into these situations since my husband and I are usually together and he would of course hang with her while I went into the bathroom.

What things have you done with your child out of extreme desperation when you didn't have a choice??


  1. I am laughing because I was JUST talking to a friend about this. Sooo many places DO not have that little chair OR changing tables. I have TWO in diapers. What do I do with Brooke while changing Liam? I put down her changing pad and give her a toy to play with to keep her on the mat. But I know how you feel. I HATE doing that. But what else do you do? You have to pee, I have to change Liam. UGH It is GROSS. Alot of time those stores have Family restrooms and I go in there WITH the shopping cart. I feel for you!

  2. I have had to go pee and had the same problem and I went with jacob on my lap! even wiped and pulled up my pants with one hand, and then went to the sink and washed it. Gross but we do what we have to do right LOL


  3. lol. I actually called my mom the other day about this! I said, 'What do you do when you have to go to the bathroom and there is nowhere to put your baby?' She said, 'Set her in your lap.' So that's what I did. I felt gross doing it but you do what you have to do. They survive. Hopefully, it will be easier when they can stand. You can say, 'Stand there. Don't touch ANYTHING!' haha.

  4. JenRod - Wow I can't imagine with two how to deal with that! Luckily most places do have family restrooms now or Jules is in her stroller so i just wheel that in and it;s ok .... but yuck - I might tell shoprite they need to change that for us moms! LOL!

    Jamie - It never occurred to me to do the lap thing LOL. I don't know if I could pull that off ... I will try that next time I get into the same predicament! haha

    Granthamania - Yeh the lap thing - didn't even occur to me ... call me silly! I don't know if i have the dexterity to do that but will sure as heck try next time- sounds like it might be the cleaner way to go LOLOL

  5. I held my daughter ad maneuvered my way onto the seat--very, very difficult (and not without an accident once or twice). I have also put her on the floor (she she crawled around-yuk). Sometimes I brought in the grocery cart or just used the stroller.

    I used to be scared of germs, too, but I just don't have the time anymore! So funny how I also waited for the other person in the bathroom to leave LOL.

  6. YIKES!!! That's my worst nightmare! I haven't had to do it yet, but I'm sure the time will come!

  7. This post just had me laughing out loud--I'm so glad you shared it! I think I've read it three times made me laugh that much! I haven't actually put a baby on the floor in the bathroom (yes, germaphobic here too!), but I have wheeled the entire cart into the handicapped stall with the baby still buckled in with me. :) That's a maneuvering feat too! I'm afraid I've done that several times. It got really crowded when I had to bring the cart (and baby) into the stall to help my 3-year old use the toilet. Not leaving baby behind...nope! Luckily, now she can take care of business by herself and I just wheel the cart into the bathroom and wait outside her stall door! Yeah, I guess I'm overprotective too--not sending her into the bathroom by herself. Nope!


  8. Sarah, Steve, Dalia - Too funny about the lap - seems like alot of the others have done the same thing. LOL. I will need to try it 'that way' next time if I can't get the cart in there. haha

    Alicia- Haha. It took almost a year for me to have to do it luckily LOL

    Carla - I need to try the cart in the bathroom stall thing LOL - glad I entertained you! I actually think the cart wouldn't fit in their stalls. I need to complain to Management hahaha! But with more than one child, I don't know who you all do it! I wouldn't even know what to do if I had another one LOL - I would need to follow your lead! :)


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