Friday, December 30, 2011

We had a Holly Jolly Christmas!
{It's the best time of the year!}

We had a fabulous Christmas this year! Grandma, Grandpa & Nana were here to celebrate Christmas morning when Julianna woke up to see what Santa brought her.
I can't say Julianna truly understood Christmas or Santa Claus. But she did get the concept of ripping open 'her' gifts... and that there were toys hiding behind the wrapping paper... then she wanted to open EVERYONE's gifts! Ripping open wrapping paper is funnnn!

Julianna is 19 months old now. She had fun opening gifts and playing with some of her new toys. It is 4 days later, and she still has yet to play with all her toys. One doll I was so sure she would love, she wants nothing to do with. Maybe she'll like it next month. She did however love most of her toys - more so than I was expecting. That made me a super-duper happy Mama! It made me feel great that everything we picked out (except that doll), she liked!

OK, so she did have a meltdown when we tried to get her to sit with Santa for pictures. Better luck next year. She was completely overwhelmed with too many gifts, too many people and too much going on around her on Christmas day. She had a Richter scale 10 meltdown right before Christmas dinner. I am thinking next Christmas will be less overwhelming for her, and more exciting because I think at 2 & 1/2 years old, she will totally "get" Santa Claus! (I hope I hope I hope!)

Here are some pictures from Christmas...

Santa took a couple bites of the cookie Julianna left for him!

                                          Oooh yeah - Santa left lot's of great stuff for Jules!

 Right before the frenzy of present opening began!

Here is the "Habba" doll that Julianna wants nothing to do with. She looks lonely doesn't she?!

Mickey & Minnie hanging out happily together. 
"Mickey Mouse Clubhouse" is her new love. She loves anything Mickey or Minnie. 

She loves her new Kitty Kat! 

Julianna enjoying her new "Anywhere" chair that Santa brought for her!

Julianna loves her Minnie Mouse shopping cart

Santa brought me the Speed light I was hoping for! (External Flash for my Canon T2i DSLR) 
I love it!! OK so it's not a toy for Julianna.... but I had to throw this in here. 

Julianna loves her Fisher Price barn and her Elephun ball popper!

Ooooh Alligator!

Bring on the gifts!! 

We love Rockin' Elmo! 

Ahhhh Elmo! 

Rip that box open!


"I love Christmas"


  1. She got alot of great things! I love her chair!! where did you get that?

  2. Hope got the same exact 2 Sing-a-ma-jigs! :) I love them. LOL.

  3. Haha! These are great! Nate wanted to open everyone else's presents too! I'm so sorry about the meltdown. It's much for them when they are little. I predict things go much smoother next year :) Happy New Year! Oh, and is that a Syracuse hat??

  4. awww - how sweet!! Happy New Year :)

  5. Love all the Christmas morning pictures! Julianna was obviously such a good girl this year, Santa brought all kinds of goodies :) I think Kylie got a doll similar to the one J got, K also got the same See n Say, that popper push toy thing (don't know it's real name!), and we have that Minnie mouse!


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