Wednesday, June 23, 2010

24 hours

One note here. "My husband" has asked me to call him something else other than that (I guess it sounds a bit formal) - so his name is Brian as you all know.
This blog entry is not for the faint of heart... this one might be a bit yucky, but hopefully makes some other mothers (or non-mothers) snicker.

As I was sitting there at 4am cleaning Julianna's projectile puke off me ... I couldn't help but think "This day has got to get better, right?"
My worst fear came true, and I lived to tell about it. I hate "bodily fluids"! I really do. (My friends can attest to that!). It's one of the few things I was dreading once I had the baby, I get 'yucked' out way too easily. So far, to my amazement, I am actually able to deal quite well with spit up, snot sucking, poop, pee, eye goobers, and all the other fun stuff.

Well... let me back up - the last 24 hours have been fun. Brian came home yesterday, I was in tears, then this morning began with The Puking Incident.

Yesterday Julianna was fussy from the get-go. She wouldn't nap, and was very screamy all day. This is new to me, as she has been a very good baby so far! I tried all the normal 'soothing' stuff... and her feeding schedule was off too, I am sure that was it, and then she just couldn't get herself to fall asleep. Pepper, my dog, was hiding in the bedroom all day.

At the height of the screaming, she spit up on her onsie she was wearing (she never spits up! it figures!) - so I went to change her onsie, and changed her diaper too. As I am changing her diaper, the poop explosion started. Oh yeh- lot's of laughs! All you moms know what I am talking about! So I went through a couple diapers, and waited for her to finish. She was done, or so I thought! I picked up her legs to put the 3rd clean diaper under her... and as I picked up her back end, I then heard the NOISE. It was the loud noise of what I now call, "The Poop Fountain". It exploded and came out like a water fountain, yep, just like that!! Picture the arch of the water from a water fountain (the one you drink from!). It came out with such force, and took me by such surprise that I didn't have time to defend myself. It was all over her changing table pad, the dresser, my hands, the floor (yes, it went that far!) and then her foot broke free, and she dunked her foot right in it. Lovely. Then she started to cry again. That's right about the time I started to cry!
I had to put her in the crib so I could put an emergency load of "HOT water" wash in to get all the poop off! I was also able to finally calm her down by using the "Happiest baby on the block" technique... thank you Dr. Harvey Karp! I highly recommend it to anyone with a baby or knows anyone with a baby. It works.

Oh did I mention I was trying to assemble some casseroles all day so I could freeze them for dinner later this month? Well, since that was abruptly stopped with me attending to Julianna all day, my kitchen looked like a food bomb hit it. I was right in the middle of mixing the ingredients and had everything out on the counter, where it stayed until Brian got home. He then took over baby duties all night, and gave me the breather I so needed. Thank god for hubby.

OK so once Brian got home and saved the day, and I got a good cry in ... I was ok for the night. Julianna slept from the time brian got home until this morning (with the exception of waking her to feed her a few times). She exhausted herself from being up all day.
I got up to feed her at 4am (she slept from 11pm, when brian fed her, to 4am). She got 3/4 of the way through her bottle ... and then I sat her up to burp her... and out came the projectile puking. Yep, that was a joy at 4am, it was all over me, the boppy pillow, and the floor. Somehow she managed to stay clean. I got up and threw my clothes in hamper, looked at her, and there she was peering up at me with those beautiful blue eyes and giving me the "baby bird" mouth wanting more food. I could swear, for a split second, that she was laughing at me. Maybe it was just my sleepy mind imagining it.

So that brings me to this morning... Julianna is sleeping peacefully. I got up, and looked out my back window... and the fog was lifting, the sun was shining through the trees - and it made me smile, and realize that today is a NEW DAY and it can only get better. Well it's time to go wake the little bug and kiss her perfect face, and feed her...

Enjoy your day, and let it be puke & 'poop fountain' free!


  1. That was SO funny ! i could hardly get thru the poop fountain part - i see, this blog is going to be a very GOOD read ! please...keep it coming!
    I am proud of u and your ability to 'handle' the grossness. Told u - once u have a baby, that your internal gross switch gets turned off !

  2. Yup, once it's your baby's bodily fluids, you get used to it pretty quickly. The 'yuck' factor goes away until the next time. Ha!
    Congrats Skye, you're a Mom.

  3. Meant to say this was better than the show, 24 HOURS. Ha!

  4. Meant to say, this post was better than the show, 24 HOURS. Ha!

  5. What is it that makes the yuck factor disappear??? I am not good anymore. I can't wait to read the posts when she tries to eat her own food. Those will be soooo funny.
    On a serious note: don't change anything unless the pediatrician recommends it and if the projectile vomit lasts more than 24 hours, it is of great concern. Usually first born girls are very subjectable around 6/9 weeks of age with projectile vomit and may need a small procedure to stop. It apparently is NOT rare, my 2nd born son had it and I remember like it was yesterday. Babies dehydrate so quickly so don't wait too long. These blog can't be quite helpful in documenting all the changes that someone who has children (or gone through it) can tell you what to watch for. So I guess you found a way to get that manual after all, LOL. Computer age is so awesome.
    Please don't panic, but it is just easier than what I went through. It really sounds more like a formula change is needed maybe talking to the doctor and going on Iron fortified will help the fountain slow down. If the projectile continues just document it with the pediatrician and they may want to keep track of her weight. Don't feed any extra water - formula only. Do you have the gas drops? You can give them at every feed and it is pediatrician recommended
    Keep the blogs coming, they are so rewarding to read - the memories are just swimming back and makes me want another baby (but, I am done).
    Love and blessings, Diane

  6. Skye don't worry spitting up is normal and it was only the 2x she did it. It sounds like she had a belly ache and was constipated,that could be the reason for the spitting and pooping she did yesterday.I have done Pediatric NICU and Peds ICU for 37 years and the comment above is very rare and other things are usually why they spit. It could be what I said above, which is most likely it.It could be reflux, ( a immature stomach muscle they grow out of ),which you can treat by keeping her upright for at least 45 min post each feed in an infant seat, carseat ,or you can elevate the head of her crib . It could be formula but try to elevate her after each feed . You may need to burp her every 1/2 ounce which is very easy to try. If they get an air bubble in their tummy then more formula on top when they burp up comes the formula .The serious projectile vomiting occuring at 6 wweks of age is rare, and you would know it ,it is a shooting stream of formula and it would be a Large or the full amt you fed her,SO please do not even think this at this point. Relax ,burp her every 1/2 onunce and elevate her head post feed as a nurse those are my suggestions. You may be over feeding her if you are waking her every three hours and she spits up ,this means she is not digesting this amt. in that time period, and may need to go four hours. Call your Dr if you are concernd or call me I would be glad to ans. your questions .you are a great Mommy and doing a great job.This is going to be a blog to read and sure to be funny. Love Bev

  7. thanks everyone - this has been fun writing the blog so far. I am really just looking to share some anecdotal stories and get a smile from some! :)

  8. hhahahah I totally know what you mean about going through a few diapers with the poop fountain!!!! hahaah Brennan puked all over our very expensive couch the other day, luckily breast milk doesn't stain :-) Happiest Baby on the Block is GREAT!Looks like we're experiencing the same stuff- glad to know we're not alone!

  9. Sky I am not sure if you know this but i had many issues with Brionna spitting up and there answer every time was change the formulas eventually we had to goto a non soy and non milk formula you are doing a great job and I can't wait to meet Julianna!!!


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