Thursday, June 24, 2010

Random thoughts for Thursday

Just a few things to mention ...

1. Julianna is doing well (regarding the first post). We got her back on her Similac Sensitive formula and her belly is just fine. Long story, but we switched formulas and that's what messed up her stomach so we are back on the Sensitive formula and she is doing great! She has responded well to this one since day one. We are sticking with it. Thanks for all your advice & luckily she is just fine now! :)

2. I can not believe I have 10 followers already - How exciting is that?! That makes me very happy to see - I'll keep blogging away in hopes to get even more followers!

3. Kudos to the Yankees for winning a very ugly game last night against the train-wreck Arizona Diamondbacks. They also managed to pick up a whole game on everyone else in the AL East. Best record in baseball.

4. Yes I lost all my pregnancy weight... but why does nothing fit?! This has to be some kind of cruel joke, right? Guess I got a lot more work ahead of me!

5. Bath time might be the coolest part of the day for Julianna (and us). It's so much fun to bathe her before bedtime, and she loves it. Right now just 2x a week... We then finish off with a nice Johnson's "Bedtime bath" lotion. She does 'sleep like a baby' after that...

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for the update. Glad she is better. whoot-whoot to OUR Yankees ! good for u for getting all that weight off ! thats awesome ! I LOVE the bedtime bath (we dont use lotion here). I put the bath soap into the Yo Gabba Gabba bubble machine and makes for a yummy lavender haven ! mmmmmm.


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