Friday, June 25, 2010

Ode to Super-Dad

There is a special breed of man out there - I call them Super-Dad.
I never knew Super-Dad existed until we had a baby, Brian, is absolutely a Super-Dad!
This is a little late for Fathers Day, but at least it's still in the same month, right?
Everyone might have their own definition of what Super-Dad is... and here is mine.


He comes home from work and gets his little girl up from her nap, changes her diaper, and then feeds her ... and then proceeds to snuggle with her with lots of smiles & happiness in his protective daddy arms.

He wakes up in the middle of the night when he hears her making noise, and goes to her crib and gives her a binky or swaddles her up when she is fussy.

He enjoys feeding her and changing her diaper, even at 3am!

He talks about, with a dreamy smile, all the things he is going to teach her about in her lifetime.

He enjoys soothing her when she is crying. He is the swaddle-master.

He takes over the child duties at night even after a long day at work, and it lets mom relax, or cook dinner, or go run errands.

He loves tummy-time; that means putting the baby on his tummy while he lays on the sofa... and they spend time bonding.

He loves doing everything he possibly can to take care of the baby and make sure his wife is happy too! The love for his family is very evident. No sacrifice is too big. A happy family makes for a happy baby!

He can multi-task on a Saturday or Sunday morning; He drinks coffee, feeds the baby, and snuggles with the dog at the same time, all while watching the Today show!

He has no problem with the color pink.

He has no problem carrying the Giraffe diaper bag around with him in public.

Ode to Super-Dad... Yes my husband Brian is Super-Dad.


  1. I agree. Brian is, indeed, a Super-Dad! AND a Super-Hubby.

  2. Yes, Brian is a Super-Dad AND a Super-Hubby. Life is good. (Tried to post this earlier and it didn't come up for whatever reason. So maybe it'll post twice. In which case, oh well.) ;)

  3. The blog is looking good, Skye.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. The picture says it all Skye. Brian is pretty much a great multi-tasker and loving father! What more could you ask for.


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