Saturday, June 26, 2010

Some things I could & couldn't do without ...

OK so ... when you are pregnant, everyone tells you things (baby gear!) you will need for the baby, and things you don't need, and things you think you need but will never use.

Here is my 'opinion' on some things I like & don't like for the baby - And it's just what I said it is, my opinion. I know everyone has their own favorite things they like and things they don't like for their babies. Maybe you can share some in the comments??

Things we bought, that I couldn't live without, for Julianna -

1. Diaper Genie - Yes, I know most people cringe at that word, but I love mine. I couldn't imagine not having it!

2. Dr. Browns Spinning Drying rack - Oh my gosh- just the best thing when you are washing bottles and need to let them air dry - and it folds up & goes right in your cabinet for storage.

3. Dr. Browns bottles - No I am not getting paid to 'push' Dr. Browns products, but I will tell you - she doesn't have alot of gas with these bottles, and everyone I talk to that uses them loves them too.

4. Receiving blankets- lot's of them. We use them all the time to swaddle her... I thought we had too many but no way! We use them daily. Swaddling is under-rated. She loves it and it soothes her! Swaddle away!

5. Activity Gym - Love it! What else can I say?! It sparks her interest longer than anything else right now. It's a winner in my book.

6. Sleep Sheep - It makes 4 different white noise sounds, on a timer, and you can hang it on her crib (where it can't be reached by baby), and it's a cute sheep as well. The minute I put that on, she falls asleep. Babies are used to hearing white noise in the womb, and I read a white noise machine was worth the buy - and whoever said that was right on!!

7. Boppy Pillow - An essential for any mom! Makes life so much easier!

8. Video Monitor - Nothing like being able to be in another part of the house and watch what your baby is doing in her crib... it gives you nice peace of mind!

9. Vaseline - We were told by the hospital to use vaseline for every diaper change - it creates a safe barrier between the diaper and baby's butt. So far, it has worked great- no rash or redness - and it makes it super easy to clean & wipe off any mess.

10. Binkies. Need I say more?! Julianna loves her binky. So do we, because she takes it so easily and it puts her to sleep or soothes her when we need it to.

11. Moby Sling - If anyone has never used it or doesn't know what it is- check it out. It's worth it's weight in gold. Julianna loves when I put her in it and 'wear' her. It's great for bonding time, and still be able to have your hands free to do other things.

12. "Happiest Baby on the Block" DVD (or book)... and BabyWise book. Again, I know there are a multitude of opinions on these subjects, but both have brought us much happiness by following their guidelines so far.

Things we bought, that I could totally do without, for Julianna -

1. Diaper caddy - It sounded like a great idea at the time, but it's not like I need to keep a stash of diapers & wipes in the caddy in the West Wing of our mansion. We change her diaper in her room every time (if you saw my teeny house, you would understand why the caddy is totally not needed! lol)

2. Baby Oil - Um, do I really need to oil my baby up to make her slippery?? Not sure what I can use it for really. I use lotion for after-bath.

3. Angel Monitor - luckily a friend of mine loaned this to us, and I did not shell out the $100 for it. We set it up and it gave us many many false alarms - the alarm went off, saying she wasn't breathing, and I walked in more than once to her breathing just fine even while the alarm was still going off. I feel like we are better off without it on - no need to have that thing scare us to death all the time. We turned it off for good on the 4th night she was home. I read online in almost every review, that everyone had too many false alarms. I don't need that kind of headache. I know some like it, but it's not for us.

4. Tshirts - We bought so many of them thinking she would be sleeping in them but all they do is bunch up & ride up her back... and they're a pain to keep straight. I have about 20 t-shirts that we'll never use!

5. Socks- No matter how hard you try- you can't get any socks to stay on a newborn. Good thing it's summer and her piggies don't get cold now!

6. Bouncy Seat - Yes, I know some swear by this little vibrating seat - but Julianna just does not like it and I pretty much do not put her in it any more. She tolerates it for about 2 minutes then she lets us know her time is up!

7. Crib Bumpers - I know everyone has their own opinion on whether a crib should be bumper-free or not. Yeh they are a waste of money- but looked so cute in the package. In order to change the sheets, you have to remove the bumper, and lift the mattress out... it's easily a 30 minute project to do this and get it set back up - Who has that time?! Since they match her theme, I am leaving the bumper on for now - until she can move around enough to make it a suffocation hazard.

8. Bottle Warmer - No need(for us). She takes her bottle at room temperature just like she did from day one in the hospital... the nurses all told us don't warm it, since that is what she's already used to. And you know what, she has no issues eating and doesn't know anything else.


  1. Wasn't the Moby sling recalled?

  2. Hey Eric- No, the Infantino sling was recalled recently - I even googled the Moby (and Maya as it is sometimes called) and nothing on recalls that I can find anywhere.

    Here is the Moby wrap-

    Here is the recall you might be thinking of -


  3. It would be wise to keep the baby oil on hand, it does basically the same thing vaseline does, but some moms prefer the consistency of oil than a paste. Really it comes down to preference, but should you ever run out of vaseline, you have the baby oil. I never got into using vasaline or baby oil, it was just something I could do without - like your bumper situation. I used my bumpers for the kids until they were out of the crib for all three (the same set) and never looked at how much of a pain in the butt until now. I think I would still use them today no matter how difficult it made the chore - again a preference. I tried to get used to a sling (they started very big during my last pregancy), but I just couldn't get used to it. So, I am glad you can do everything with her at your side (literally), that was my biggest complaint about getting stuff done, it was so hard to do stuff one handed.
    Never used a bottle warmer EVER. Tried wippie warmer and that breeds bacteria, would NEVER recommend. I didn't see a swing on your list, it was the ONE thing I could never live without and in fact, I refuse to throw it out or give it away for the fear someone will abandon their child here and I won't have a swing to settle the baby, LOL. The one thing I wish I had for all three boys (and no not a personal problem, LOL) was a clip on vibrator. I got this clip on unit (from a parenting magazine and haven't seen it since) it was this white clip unit you could technically clip onto cribs, pack nplays, car seats virtually anything and it vibrates the object like a car ride. I loved it and my husband kept repairing it, because we couldn't replace it.
    When you find something you like make sure you buy a backup. I think we all make the mistakes of the T-shirts. Onesies were the best invention ever. Blessings, Diane

  4. oh this is gonna be fun ! Thanks Skye !

    My Likes:
    - maya is 2 1/2 and i still use the genie !
    - activity gym & boppy - a gift from Heaven!
    - bouncy seat - maybe when she gets older you WILL appreciate this
    - Binkies & Moby. could no have survived the first few months without either. But i am already waiting for the Blog about, Taking the binky away - :o)
    - Crib Bumpers - cute at firts, pain to change but....once that kid starts flipping and rolling and ending up all over, you will be glad its in there.
    - Swing - it is not on your list but....could not live w/ out it for either kid -

    My Dislikes:
    - Vasaline & Baby Oil - Never used either. i just dont get the whole baby oil thing at all?
    - receieving blankets - used them to lay under the kid for diaper changing on the go - both girls hated being swaddled.
    - Baby Monitors - I worried more w/ them on, then w/ out them. The baby crying was my monitor.
    - Bottle warmer, we used a microwave. when u SHAKE the bottle it dispurses the hot spots.

    Ah, that bought back lots of memories - Thanks Girl !


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