Monday, November 1, 2010

Fun Pictures & Exciting News!

Julianna playing with Mommy on the floor!

So the exciting news is Julianna rolled over for the first time! She finally figured out how to roll over her shoulder where she was getting stuck before. She isn't very happy once she rolls over, but she's doing it nonetheless. Do I have any pictures or video of her rolling over? Nope, of course not. I'll have to get her next time. I'm not sure she's gonna be in any hurry to roll over again. She seemed really angry once she figured it out! LOL!

This might be the cutest picture of Julianna yet.  

Pepper chilling out by the front door.  

Feet Feet Feet Feet  

I love my Bug toy.  


  1. Your little Julianna is absolutely adorable!!! Yay for rolling over!!! :)

  2. Thanks Ashley! She is getting close to 6 months... time flies!! Soon she'll be walking! LOL!

  3. Aww, Kylie hasn't had her feet in her mouth, love the picture of Julianna and her feet!


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