Thursday, November 18, 2010

Thursday cuteness

Nothing major today -
Just a couple of cute pictures from last night of our Pear-eating maven!

Oooh Daddy, feed me Pears! I love my pears!

Yummm! I also like to play with my foot while Daddy is feeding me! 


  1. Very cute! I'm so jealous! My little guy doesn't like to eat. Maybe I should try pears next!

  2. Karen - Let me tell ya ... this was a huge breakthrough for us! She hated greenbeans, carrots, avocado, cereal (well she was 'ok' with oatmeal)...So the ped said try fruit. So we tried pears and she actually opened her mouth for them and swallowed! We were soooo happy! This was a huge milestone. I feel so far behind others that say theirs are eating gourmet foods at 6 months already LOL.


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