Monday, November 29, 2010

It's official - Christmas is here!

Yes... time just flies by, doesn't it? Here we are again. Thanksgiving is over... Black Friday came & went. Today is Cyber-Monday and the Christmas season is officially among us. All of you that kept saying "It's too early to think about Christmas shopping & decorating" better stop saying that. It's here.

First off - Let me apologize for my blogging hiatus. I was away visiting my husband's family for the Thanksgiving Holiday. I really need to learn how to blog using my Blackberry. It was nice to get away for a few days... Baby Belle got to see her Aunt Kristin and her cousins ... both sets of grandparents on my husband's side... and some step-relatives. She had a great time! We walked around the mall on Saturday and her eyes were as big as saucers checking out all the Christmas lights, decorations, and people. She was in sensory overload big time. That day, we got our family portraits done in JC Penney's ... they got some good shots of us but I nicknamed them the Photo-Nazi's. The lady was not very nice & rushed us in and out in like 10 minutes. Julianna puked all over my black shirt & the JC Penney's carpet. haha. Take that Photo-Nazi! Eh, whatever - at least we got some good family photos. I also got to show Santa what Christmas present I want from Coach .... hehe.

Julianna reached a huge milestone this weekend! As most of you know, I have been struggling with feeding her solids. For the last 2 months, she has pretty much let the food sit in her mouth forever, and then dribble out ... or some of it made it down the trap but not by her doing... it was by accident. She hasn't been able to get the whole "put your mouth around the spoon, then push the food to the back of your mouth & swallow" thing. Then .... on Thursday morning, I fed her some Oatmeal. Low & behold - she pushed the food to the back of her mouth & swallowed the first bite on her own! I got so excited and called for my husband to come watch! Next bite- Julianna got excited, kicked her legs and even opened her mouth for the oatmeal! She closed her mouth around the spoon, and swallowed the oatmeal! Yayyyyyyy! This is Huge! So for the remainder of the weekend, we fed her cereal in the morning, and Squash for dinner (she likes it but not as much as cereal). The downside is, Julianna got the most wicked case of constipation I ever saw. Poor little baby. I guess her insides were getting used to digesting solids. She is back to normal as of today ... but she was in so much pain for a few days. I won't get into details of what my husband and I had to do to help her, but let's just say.... you do what you gotta do to make your baby feel better. Awwww...

I am going to have our daycare provider start giving Julianna cereal tomorrow morning for breakfast! And now she will actually eat with us for dinner (in between bottle feedings of course). We can start introducing more solids since she will actually "eat" now. She even gets excited. It's like she knows she reached the milestone!

Here are some pictures from this weekend

Just chillin' and chewin'

Julianna modeling her new hat 

Daddy with Julianna & Pepper (our dog).
Julianna loves Pepper! 

Julianna with Aunt Kristin

Julianna modeling her new hat that Grandma S. made her

Julianna with cousins Justin & Nathan 

Mommy snuggling with Baby Belle 

Mommy snuggling with Jul some more... 

Some of Julianna's cousins... 

Grandma F. with Julianna

Grandma & Grandpa F. with Julianna 

Studying her book very intensely 

After a long weekend & a long ride home, Julianna passed out in Daddy's arms an hour before her bedtime. Awwwww.

We lit the tree last night for the first time ...
Julianna looked at it with wide eyes, then fell asleep.

Her 6 month checkup & vaccinations are today ... I am so curious to see how much she will weigh & how long she has gotten!


  1. Yay Julianna! I totally feel you on the feeding thing. I am still having a hard time with my little one. I like to think that we are making progress but once I say it, she goes back to fighting with me and keeping her mouth shut as soon as she sees the spoon.

  2. Great pics, Skye! Love the one with Julianna sleeping in the foreground and the tree in the background!!

  3. Your little girl is so adorable! That's great she is eating solids now. Isn't it a huge relief?

    Have you tried mixing cereal with squash? I bet that would help with the digestion.

    My little guy loves peas apparently, but not the cereal so much. I sneak the cereal in the peas and now he eats it all up :)

  4. Kitten - I know how you feel... trust me! It seems like a never-ending battle... but all I can say is, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I have no idea how it happened, but it just 'clicked' with Julianna and she swallowed her food and smiled. I really almost fell off my chair & I didn't want to beleive it was true that it finally happened LOL! One day SOON - it will happen for little Nadine too... and you'll breathe the biggest sigh of relief! :)

    Stacia- Thanks! I got a lot of nice comments on that one on facebook too! I thought it was a cute way to kick off the Christmas season!!

  5. Karen - thank you and yes it is a big relief!I have not tried mixing the cereal yet with any other solid ... I was going to hold off until she really gets the hang of things (don't want to push my luck LOL) - but yes for digestion, that ias a good idea! I bought peas... haven't cracked them open yet... Actually I bought 3 of each stage 1 and stage 2 LOL ... yeah psycho mom couldn't make up her mind... so I have enough baby food for like 2 months - haha!

  6. Is she still having problems with constipation? Kylie had that and then once we introduced prunes it all went back to normal! Also, the exersaucer makes her go to the bathroom for some reason. I've heard that the rice cereal and bananas cause constipation. I feed more barley and oatmeal now than rice and try to make sure and feed something with a lot of fiber after she has had bananas.

  7. Alicia - No, we got past it finally after a few days - Poor baby. Thanks for asking! We have been also alternating barley & oatmeal daily so maybe that should help her in the long run. We stayed away from rice cereal only b/c I know there is very little nutrional value in it... and it causes poop issues like you said LOL. Her little digestion system needs to get used to all this new stuff... I'm sure we'll be having other incidents in the future when we try new foods :( Too funny about the exersaucer making her go to the bathroom - lol.

  8. That is a sweet, sweet baby you have there! And I love her name.

  9. Hollie- thanks! We picked her name b/c we wanted something very feminine and girly sounding ... and pretty :)


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