Tuesday, May 17, 2011


I have to tell you ... I don't have anything. I think I am going through a Blog-Block. I got nuthin!

Here's what I do have ... in no particular order.

Julianna's first birthday is less than a week away (next Monday 5/23). It still hasn't fully hit me that my baby girl will be ONE year old. I feel like I am losing my baby... she is turning into such a big girl already.

I am trying to put together the final plans for her party on 5/30. I still have yet to hear from half the people whether or not they are coming. This weekend coming up will be hectic as we need to go do all the party shopping (That ought to be a big bill lol!).

We grew "Painted Lady" butterflies in our house (through a kit by InsectLore)... and they hatched from their Chrysalis's early and are fluttering around their pop-up cage as I type. Their life span is 2-4 weeks. So with the party being 2 weeks away, I am asking begging them to stay alive until 5/30 so we can release them at the party. Selfish? Sure it is. But hey, I need them to not kick the bucket before then. Please pretty little butterflies - hang in there!!

I am also trying to really go full force & learn my camera... some days I get some fabulous shots... other days I get crappy dark grainy stuff. But that's all part of the learning curve. My husband doesn't understand why I don't just shoot on "Auto" mode... LOL - He doesn't fully get what I am trying to accomplish. I have been explaining to him about exposure and different shutter speeds, etc.... I explained to him about the different lenses I want to get eventually and he is starting to understand my craziness {I think}. If I wanted a point & shoot, I would have stuck with my nifty little Nikon that fits in my jeans pocket. Don't get me wrong, those little point & shoots serve their purpose too! But I just love my DSLR.

I learned something neat from this great photo blog (Click it Up a Notch) - called BBF "Back Button Focus". What a neat concept & it does work sooo well once you practice! So I was practicing that this week too! I love learning new stuff! On the same Photo blog, check out this article on how to take a sharp photo. Great stuff. Had to share it. Enjoy.

I signed up for a free class over at Kim Klassen Cafe (blog) and going to take another at Faith Simplicity in July. I also found a free workshop at the local library that meets once a month. It's held by a local photographer and he has different guest speakers every month. I'm going to the first one tomorrow night if this Sinus infection allows me to.

Julianna has her One Year (12 months) check up next Tuesday. I am so curious to see how much she has grown in the past 3 months! She is getting too big for her 12 month clothes but not ready for her 18 month yet. I guess she will be wearing some big 18 month clothes for a month or so.. haha!

OK so I guess I do have some things going on afterall...

Here are some pictures from my deck...  I was practicing taking close-ups and wishing I had a macro lens of some sort. But will have to do with the macro setting on my camera for now :)   I am also learning Blending Options and some other tweaks in Photoshop as well. Slowly but surely! My problem is I want it all. I need to take baby steps and learn the basics first Skye!!!


  1. My baby girl is turning "21" on Sunday! Imagine how I feel! :) I am going to check out that cafe site you mentioned! I think you are taking great pictures!

  2. 21?? Yeah, I can't even imagine that! Mostly b/c I will be 61 years old lol)
    I think about her driving and I can't fathom it. But I Know it's right around the corner... wow!

  3. Great photos! I'm still learning how to use MY camera, as well. I only have two lenses right now and really want to get more, as well.
    I can't believe those butterflies only live 2-4 weeks :( How heartbreaking! I hope they hang in there for you!
    PS- I will FREAK.OUT when Elliot turns one. I'm warning you right now. I'm not ready to give up my little baby. So good luck with that- but I'm sure the party will be tons of fun! Be sure to take lots of pictures!
    Now I'm off to read those articles you posted :)

  4. You are learning your camera FAST! Good luck with the party. If forgot to even put an RSVP on Chloe's invites. Not that it matters...nobody RSVPs anymore. ha

    Can't wait to see all the pictures. Especially the butterfly ones. What a great idea!

  5. Wow I can't believe she will be 1 so soon! I can't wait to see pics from the party. And I've also had "blog block" as well. I've been so unmotivated with my blog since I've so busy chasing after Sophia. That girl wears me out!

  6. Jess - yeh turning one is bittersweet. You will be sad & happy at the same time LOL! What kind of camera do you have? :)

    Granthamania - thanks. I have been taking a photoshop class online and I have to say, I love it now that I understand alot of the functionality and how to do textures, etc... so it makes it more fun to use my camera! :)

    Aimee - Chasing after Sophia - yeh that does cut into blog time. I know how you feel! I have to write after Julianna goes to sleep LOL - that becomes my time. (and couple time too) ...


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