Wednesday, May 25, 2011

If you are having problems making comments today -

If you or anyone else is having an issue posting a comment on a blog, then you most likely have the "Embedded" form option chosen in your blog settings.

If you change to the "Pop Up" option or "Full Page" option, then it seems this fixes it. The "embedded" comment options seem to be broken on any blog I go to that is setup that way.
Just figured I would put that out there.

To fix:
Go to "Settings" and then "Comments" and change over to Pop Up window. Save.
That should fix it.


  1. I've been wondering what the heck is going on! I can't comment on anyone's blog. Thanks for the tip. Going to change my settings now.

  2. Thanks, babe. I'm wondering if this will help with not being able to enter the blog from the face page.

    I just got a comment from another blogger friend and she too has to enter the blog from the back. I also can't completely sign out. I'm wondering if one thing is connected to the other.

  3. Skye -- Thanks so much for sharing this tip! That's exactly what needed to be done, and now I can post comments and receive them! (Your mom shared this link).

  4. Now following you out of sheer gratitude.
    So many thanks, and what a cutie!
    p.s. Love that hat!

  5. Thanks so much. I wasted two hours on this. Glad I saw Bev's (My Reader's Block) post.

  6. glad I was able to help !! Hope everyone is able to comment on their own blogs now .. pass it on to your friends if you can't comment on their blogs if they have that embedded form for commmenting :)

  7. Very helpful post Skye... blogger has been driving me nuts lately. I have not been able to comment on a handful of blogs. Ugh- so frustrating.

    Now is there anything you can do about how unbelievable slow my lap top is running! :)

  8. Thanks so much- this was helpful!

  9. Thanks! This was so helpful! Like some of your other commenters here, blogger has been driving me crazy, too, not being able to leave comments, even on my own blog.

    Another problem I have - I can see any followers on other blogs or even on my own. Any suggestions on how to fix that? Might make another good post!

    I linked here from Karli's blog. wb

  10. Thanks Warren - glad to be of help! As for the 'missing' followers... I don't have an answer for you. My mother had that issue for a few days, she couldn't see her followers (or anyone else's). Then after a few days, it miraculously came back. I do not know if it wilwl do anything, but you may want to try clearing your IE temp files... and history.
    Funny thing is, IU just looked and my followers are 'missing' now- haha- isnt that always the way! :)


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