Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Sunday evening - Part 1

Brian, Julianna and I went to a nice park in Mount Arlington called Memorial Park on Sunday evening. The Dogwoods were in full bloom, so we took advantage and snapped tons of pictures. I am breaking this up into 2 parts so I don't bore everyone to death with too many  pictures...

 Julianna {and Daddy} made friends with a cute Mallard duck by feeding him some bread in the pond. We saw a beaver too but he was quick to dive under water before we could get a picture of him. Of course we got tons of pictures of Julianna with the beautiful flowering trees in the background... and finished it off in the playground on the swings. It was great because we were the only ones there. Part 2 will have the playground pictures and duck pictures.

Daddy showing Belle the pretty Dogwood flowers

Mommy & Baby Belle!



  1. Don't be mad at me - Duck and geese should NEVER be fed bread, stale bread, cereal, crackers, etc. I will explain why.

    Birds don't have a digestive stomach like most animals. At the end of their neck is a crop (the best way to explain it - is the gears of a clock) that pulverizes ALL of their food. When you mix flour and water what do you get? a sticky, gooey, substance that gums up and will choke them.

    Most Walmarts carry cracked corn - buy some of that and store some in a ziplock bag and keep in the car for surprise visits.

    As usual the photos are gorgeous and beautiful - nothing wrong with those and that baby is way to gorgeous beyond belief

  2. Wow...Julianna looks so gorgeous with those flowers! Way too cute. And kudos to Julianna for keeping her hat on...that's a trick I need to learn!


  3. Jagmom - Thanks, I won't do the bread thing next time! :)

    Carla - thanks, there are only certain hats she leaves on. It seems like tighter hats, she rips off. The ones that are looser, she is ok with... for now! That can change next week easily! haha

    Alicia- thanks!! :)


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