Thursday, May 5, 2011

Sunday evening - Part 2

As promised ... here are the rest of the pictures from Sunday evening...

Julianna is really loving the swings lately!

Happy Baby  

Curious Jules! 

We tried our luck on the bouncy Zebra. Julianna ended up having a meltdown.
She didn't like the Zebra one bit. 

Julianna was having a blast watching Daddy almost flip upside down on the swings! 

After her meltdown from the evil Zebra ... see the tears. Awww!

Mama - no more Zebra please.   

Daddy & Belle on the swings 

Feeding Mr. Mallard 

Mr. Mallard went home a fat & happy duck that night 

OK mom & Dad, I am ready to go home now & eat some pureed fruit. 

Pretty reflection 


  1. My goodness--the way you captured her little tear! You are quite the photographer. What camera do you use?

    Also, the new heading to the blog is absolutely gorgeous. I love her little hat. She is growing up so fast!

  2. Great actions shots! Seems like you and the new camera are getting along quite well.

  3. Skye- your photos- as always- gorgeous. Looks as though you had a fantastic evening. Lightroom? I have the program- just have not figured out how to use it.

  4. Sarah Steve & Dalia - Thanks! That was an accident - she just looked so cute being pathetic, I Had to snap away and thats what I got! :) I use a Canon T2i (still big learning curve!!) and I love it.

    Melissa - thanks, I am taking 8000 photos it seems to get the right one but that's the way it is. I love my new camera!

    MommySankey - Thanks. Lightroom Rocks. It took me a few days to get used to it but I can tell you I would never use anything else. I stilll need another editor for other things - but lightroom corrects most lighting errors and exposure/color errros and you can be very creative too. ADobe has some decent tutorials on their website. I still need to learn more about it - but so far teaching myself the hard way :)

  5. So cute. Mean old zebra!! Wonderful photos, as usual, Skye.
    One more thing: YOU'VE BEEN TAGGED by ME! Since I don't know how to do a link back on comments, just hit my name and go back to my blog for the questions you MUST answer in reply to the tag. Aren't you happy I have a blog?! HA!

  6. GORGEOUS pictures! Oh my! I'm beyond ready for blossoms, and swinging, and everything in between.

  7. Oh my gosh! I love her hat!! You're pretty handy with that camera. Loving the pictures you're taking.

  8. Skye - what beautiful pictures! Isn't it fun to watch them on the swing? Happy almost 1 year to you! Can you believe it went this fast?

  9. Jess - Thanks! I hope some blooms are coming your way... we are in full bloom here finally!! I hope you are on your way to bloom soon - in your area of the country :)

    Granthamania - thanks! Julianna is rockin' that hat lately - she even will fall asleep in the car with it on and not rip it off haha!! And she makes it look cute too :)

    Haute Mom - I know, I could push her on the swings all day. She loves it. We will be visiting all the time now that it's warm here! I know, I can't beleive a year is here - that is crazy. I am a little sad to see how fast it has come (like you talked about).


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