Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Wordless Wednesday {almost}

We went flower shopping a few weeks ago at a huge place with 30+ greenhouses ...
It felt so "Springy" (but people were looking at me like I was a lunatic because I was taking photos of the flowers!)

I like this one because a big cloud was overhead and it made the picture seem like the sun was going down even though it was 1pm in the afternoon. (That's my hubby there)


  1. Pretty flowers! And great job on the photography, beautiful!

  2. Woah! GORGEOUS!!! I absolutely love these :) Sorry I haven't checked in for awhile. It looks like your little angel is getting cuter and cuter every day. Is that possible? Love the mother's day necklace.
    Thanks for stopping by and reading today You're right. I usually don't post many personal pics...I'm not sure why since I've shared pretty much every other possible aspect of our lives. LOL.


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