Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Where did the time go?

I just can not believe a year has gone by since Julianna graced us with her entrance into the world! {Her birthday was yesterday - Monday, 5/23) They always say the time goes by fast... but I never believed it. Well, I am a believer now. It FLIES by. I am sad that she has grown up so fast in the last year... but also happy because of all the things we have to look forward to.

Julianna hit a few milestones this month.

She is full out crawling and army crawling. It's crazy how fast she can get around now. She also wants nothing to do with us if we try to hold her. Down down down on the floor is what she wants. She has this newly found freedom and she loves it. I am trying not to take offense but I can't help but think we will never snuggle again - that makes me sad. I want her to need Mama all the time.

Julianna is able to stand up while holding onto something. And she can pull herself up too. That is huge - I did not think she would ever get to this point. I know she is slower than most with this as I see others her age already toddling around the house!! "All in good time" I keep telling myself.

Since Julianna started getting teeth late (last month), we were late to start with table foods & stage 3 foods. Julianna still is not crazy about Stage 3 lumpier purees... I have heard that some babies just do not like the lumpy stuff and skip right to table food. That works for me! She is loving most of the table food & finger foods we give her. She loves her stage 2 purees still but is shying away from some veggies that she used to love. *Sigh*.  So right now, her meals consist of Fruit &/or Veggie Purees and cereal... and then some table food if it's something she can eat.

So far, she has tried & likes the following food: scrambled eggs, gondulas (beans from my rice & beans), mashed potatoes, rolls, strawberries, french toast, pasta, beef brisket, egg noodles, asparagus, soft cheese, and some other foods I can't recall!

Her 12 month appointment is Tuesday - I can't wait to see how much she weighs & how tall she is. She is barely fitting into her 12 month clothes anymore ... I have a huge pile of 18 months summer clothes for her just waiting to be worn.

I snapped a few shots of her in her birthday dress ... but will preface it with I had terrible lighting as it is foggy, dark & rainy here in NJ for the last 2 weeks. I had to use the flash a few times (bleghh!!)



  1. Happy Birthday to your sweet little girl!! Love her little dress!

  2. Happy birthday! What an adorable dress :)

  3. Happy Birthday pretty girl! I love the dress :)

  4. Wow! One!! Happy Birthday to sweet little Julianna!!

  5. Flash or no flash, she looks so sweet in her little dress!

  6. Happy birthday pretty girl!
    PS: if you have to use flash and can't afford an external flash, I highly reccomend getting a light scoop. I couldn't live without mine!! Seriously. And it was CHEAP!

  7. Happy Birthday! I can't believe how fast all our babies are growing!

  8. Thanks everyone! I can't believe she is a year either!

    Jess thanks for the tip - I have one bookmarked now on amazon that I Plan on getting this week- I didn't even know they made those! I was trying to hold off for a speedlight in a couple months but this will tide me over until then! Thanks so much for the suggestion! :)

  9. Happy Birthday Julianna! What a pretty birthday dress you get to wear!


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