Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day to all the Mommies out there!

I want to wish Happy Mother's Day to all the Mommies out there! This is a very special Mother's day for me because it is my first one. How will all of my Mom friends spend their special day? I am being treated to a beautiful brunch at the place that Brian and I got married. We hope to take some pictures with Julianna at the outdoor gazebo we got married in front of!

To my sweet Julianna Belle 
You have made me the happiest Mommy ever. I love you so very much and
I am blessed to have you in my life. You have made my world complete.
I will cherish my first Mother's day and enjoy being Mommy!


  1. Happy Mother's Day Skye! I hope you have a wonderful day! xo

  2. Very cool. How did you do that with the picture? Have a wonderful first! How romantic to go to brunch with your two bests. Mark signed us up for a 5K. (Very awesome that he ran with me.) Then we went to my favorite 'dive' taco bar with my parents. Next, it's off to dinner with his family.

    Again, Happy Mother's Day!

  3. Happy mother's day! I hope you enjoyed your brunch with your 2 favorite people.

  4. Happy Mother's Day, Skye! It sounds like you have an awesome afternoon planned!


  5. Ashley - thanks I had a fabulous day.

    Granthamania - Sounds like you had a great Mothers Day too!! Dive tacos- Yum! haha! As for the picture, I used an old program called "Microsoft Digital imaging" - they have a frame filter that allows you to cut out pictures in the shape of whatever you want and then save it as a .png file. I think you can do it with PS Elements too or try - that is a free online editor with some cool abilities. :)

    Carla & Amanda - thanks I had a fabulous day for sure... Post & pictures to come soon. :)

  6. awww Happy First Mothers Day :) It was my first one too. It went really well.


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