Wednesday, December 1, 2010

6 month update

I already had a 6 month post for Julianna ... but this one is just an update on her 6 month check-up with the pediatrician on Monday.

She got her vaccinations and the usual crying ensued... then she was fine after a couple minutes of mommy & daddy snuggling her. It gets easier every time. The doctor said she is doing just fine all around! She gave us some advice on what to have her eat now & how much... and how Julianna will start lowering her formula intake on her own as she eats more solids.
The Dr. also told us we should get the hearing test done that the Hospital contacted us about. The hospital told us since Julianna was in the NICU, they are required (by the state) to tell us that she should get a hearing test done. So now I have to schedule that with the hospital. It's just a precautionary thing, and all NICU babies get that notification at 6 months.

Julianna is 16.4 lbs and 26 inches long. She is in the 60th% for weight, and 85th% for height if you believe all that stuff. It's just numbers... and of course it depends on which nurse measures her height & how much she stretched her out LOL.

While we were waiting for the Dr. to come into the room, Julianna & Daddy sat on the exam table. Julianna was having a field day with the paper that covers the table.
Oh it was too funny. She was making us crack up - she was crunching & shredding the paper, trying to get it ALL in her mouth ... She was squealing & smacking her hands down on it with pure excitement. We decided that she will absolutely love the tissue paper at Christmas time! Heck with the gifts... bring on the tissue paper!!


  1. Our babies are really close to the same size, Kylie went today and is 16 pounds 7 ounces and 25 1/2 inches long! I love Julianna playing with the paper! Does she have some of the toys that make that crinkling noise? Kylie loves that noise so much. I hadn't thought about tissue paper, but I bet Christmas will be fun this year! I really enjoy reading about Julianna since we are going thru the same things at the same time :) Did she have a hearing test at all in the hospital? Kylie had one the day after she was born.

  2. I love this picture. Julianna looks so precious! By the way her boyfriend, Jake says hello and that he misses her!

  3. What a cutie!! My daughter is 13 months and weighs the same as yours! I wish mine would gain some weight. 6 months is such a fun age! Thanks for coming by my blog, I'm following along with you now, can't wait to read more!

  4. Oh wow, Nadine and Julianna are almost exactly the same size at 6 months. almost 2 weeks ago, during Nadine's 6 month checkup, she was also 26 inches and 16 pounds 5 oz. :)

    Isn't it amazing how big they are now!?

  5. Hahaha! She is so awesome! Most likely she will only be interested in wrapping paper, tissue paper & the boxes the toys come in for the next 2 years. lol. I love that she's in the 85th percentile on height! Hopefully she'll be tall like me. :)

  6. Yvette- Thanks!! :)

    Alicia - Wow, they are so close in size for sure! Yes she finally got into her crinkly toys about a month ago - I wasn't sure if she woule ever like them but now she loves them! Guess thats why she loved the tissue paper! haha! Julianna passed her hearing test in the hospital but if your baby is in the NICU (in NJ), the state requires the hospital to contact you about getting the baby an 'in depth' hearing test at 6 months. I asked my ped, and she said it can't hurt b/c she was technically a risk b/c of what she was in the NICU for after she was born (pneumothorax)... it's optional but we want to have it done just in case. I'm sure she will test fine :)

    Nicole- Thanks, Julianna is counting down the days til she sees Jake for sure!!

    Ashley - thanks for stopping by! I loved your blog too! Your daughter will grow at her own rate... I don't beleive all that numbers & % stuff anyway... every baby grows & develops at different rates, but I'm not telling you anything you don't know. :) Both of your kids are beautiful by the way!!

    Kitten - I know, they are so close in size. They grow too fast... just when you get done sorting through & organizing her clothes... it's time to start transitioning in the next size up! I am jealous that Nadine can sit up on her own - she is such a great sitter already!! We still have to support Julianna... but it's coming soon!

    Kristin - Yes we figure christmas won't be real fun for HER until 2 years from now when she is 2.5 years old. I am still debating whether to take her to see santa to get her picture taken this year. I don't want to traumatize her LOL.


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