Thursday, December 23, 2010

7 months old

Julianna is 7 months old today!
We attempted to have a nice photo shoot this morning ... but ended up with a meltdown, which then had to turn into a much needed nap ... darn! I was hoping to get more pictures. I'll take some more later on.

Some milestones
Sitting up on her own (but not able to pull herself up yet)
Pincer Grasp
Squealing & laughing at Pepper (our dog) and she pets her soft fur
Wolfing down a full serving (1/4 c) of Oatmeal or Barley Cereal 2x a day
Not too crazy about any veggie or fruit yet; cereal is her true love right now (baby steps!)
Sleeping about 10.5 - 11 hours at night
She knows her name
We play "Where's the baby?" - she covers her own face- pretty cute!
She can stand if we hold her hands - for about 4-5 seconds at a time

One thing to note
Today is the first day Julianna rolled over onto her belly in her crib (she was always happy on her back). Well today I was watching her in the video monitor, and there she was on her belly wriggling around her crib. She rolled over a few times, and then came the SCREAM. She did not like it!! Mama to the rescue ... and nap over. This afternoon's nap went better... she rolled onto her belly and then fell sleep after some protesting. I guess this is her new thing she will be doing. It makes me nervous but I know she (for the most part) is past the SIDS risk now.

Right now, her favorite toys are these stacking cups - They are magical to her
which in turn makes Mommy very happy.

More of the cups...

Got a few pics by the tree...

Then came the Full Blown Meltdown...

Then came the much needed Nap ...

Later today... 2:45
I added this picture. I know many kids sleep on their tummies.
But for Julianna, this is the first time, and I am a bit nervous ... I did check to see if she was breathing. Two times. OK, maybe three.
(hey, I'm a mom, I'm allowed to be nervous!)


  1. Happy 7 months Julianna! You are doing really well growing up, and I must say that you are ooooh soooo cute, even during a meltdown! :)

  2. She is so cute, I love sleeping baby pics. I wouldn't worry too much about her tummy, she can lift her head and will let you know if she needs help!

  3. LOVE those striped p.j.'s. SO cute. Rainbow cute. Yes she does look cute even during a meltdown. :)

  4. Loooove these pics! Even the meltdown by the tree - precious! I'm the same way as you about the sleeping thing. I still won't give Livia a blanket for bedtime, and she's 21 months! I couldn't sleep if she had one.

    Have a wonderful Christmas!!

  5. Ahhh...those cheekies! Such a sweet babe. Happy 7 months. The twins are 8 months today and I just can't believe how fast time flies. Enjoy these precious moments. Merry Christmas. XOXO

  6. Adorable pics! Merry Christmas!

  7. lol! Everytime I attempt to take a family photo we have a mishap.

  8. Thank you everyone! 7 months came & went... and the countdown to 8 months begins.

    I see her meltdown was a hit. I won't let Julianna know... she might do it more often :)


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