Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Julianna's first Christmas present & some other things...

Julianna and I visited with our friends Chris & John last night. They just love Julianna to pieces and got her the cutest Christmas present! We opened it at their house and I think Julianna will enjoy playing with this little Piggy for quite some time... When we got home, under the tree it went, to keep the other presents company until Christmas morning.

Chris is also a great crafty person - she loves to sew. She made this beanbag chair for one of her grandsons (I think), and we put Julianna in it to test it out - what a great thing. It was then that I decided she MUST have a beanbag chair - she loved sitting in it and it was very conforming to her baby body. Why didn't I think of this sooner?! I'm going to search for a small one to fit in our teeny little house.

Stocking Stuffer - this is a cool Stuffed Lion that I found in Homegoods... they have some really unique children's items there!

Even Pepper has her own stocking ... Oops, gotta put PetSmart on the list to get her some stocking stuffers - Bully Sticks, the best for cleaning her teeth!

This was kind of cool the way it turned out - it's a picture of our wedding cake topper & our framed invitation... with the tree lights reflecting on it...

Brian and I were given our childhood ornaments by our parents, and here are a few of our favorites... (we hope to hand them all down to Julianna one day)
Don't laugh at the close-up of our plastic pine needles.

I especially like this little mouse (bear??)

I always make fun of Brian for this one - it is a weird little Santa ornament he made in kindergarten. He cherishes it. I think it's kinda creepy.

Oh and one final thing ... I ordered these interlocking play mats last night for Julianna. We have wood floors and whenever we want to play with her on the floor, we have to put down a thick blanket for cushioning. My husband and I have been talking about getting something for the floor for her to play on... so here it is.  I can't wait until they are delivered and surprise my husband as well! I got the idea from Alicia over at Keeping Up with Kylie. Thanks Alicia!


  1. Looks like fun. You're home is so festive! You're gonna love the playmat, we do!

  2. Love that green arrow!! Julianna's First Christmas Present - Stop the presses!! Ha. Love it. I think that bean bag chair is a great idea AND the interlocking mat for the floor. Nice. I see some of the ornaments from ancient times. I'm so glad you've kept them and use them. :)

  3. Yes I agree the green sign is the best, can we add some neon highlights? LOL. I think its great that you and Brian have the decorations from your childhood and I love the fact your passing them on. I have some saved too for my niece and grandkids when they are ready.

  4. So sweet! Love the pic of your daughter in the bean bag, and the ornaments are precious!

  5. Ooh I must have that pig for Mia! And maybe a bean bag chair too! haha. :)

  6. Klove - I can't wait to get the mat & let julianna play on it without worrying about her hurting herself!

    Yvette- We should have the mat by the time you are here for Xmas... fun fun!

    Mcummisk - Yes we think out decorations are unique b/c we have a mix of our childhood ornaments - what a great idea our parents had holding on to those for us to use & then pass down to Jul. Each one has a story.

    Renne Ann - thank you - You are so sweet! :)

    Ashley - I checked out Target for a beanbag chair... but it was rather large and I did not care for the material ... gonna keep my eyes open maybe Pottery barn kids will have a nice one ... or some other store!!

  7. The bean bag is such a great idea! Let me know if you find a minature one, I want one too :)

  8. Loving the bean bag idea! Kylie needs one now :) I think you are going to love the play mats! She's falling daily on hers now as she is trying to sit up longer and longer amounts of time and it's a great cushion.

  9. Aimee & Alicia - I am on the search now for an inexpensive small beanbag chair ... I have to find one... probably after the holidays though. I found the cheapest site to be so far. Pottery barn looks to be a wee bit overpriced (shocking) but I am still on the search. I'll be updating at a later date about the quest for the beanbag ;)

    Alicia - Just told my husband I ordered the mats and he is looking forward to gettng them now too! Can't wait! :)

  10. Glad he's excited about them!

    Yes, please keep us updated about the chair! I'm going to search also and will let you know if I find anything good. Surprise, Surprise about Pottery Barn!


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