Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas CleanUp & The Blues

Bummer. Christmas is over... Time for the "Christmas Cleanup" & the "Christmas Blues".

It's time to clean up the house... migrate the toys into Julianna's room from the Living room & re-arrange things so they all fit somewhere in her teeny room! Time to make the pile of returns/exchanges to go back this week. Time to think about taking down the tree & putting everything "Christmas" up in the attic. Time to get my house back in order. I need order in my house. I love Christmas, but when it's over... I need to go back to normal ASAP.

I also get a terrible case of the "Christmas Blues" for a few days. I love Christmas so much that it actually makes me depressed for a few days when it's over.
And I could care less about New Years Eve... I did all that "New Years" partying for a long time and I have no need for that anymore - I would rather stay home and not be on the road with the drunks (OMG I sound soooo old!!). Our plan is to stay home and get take-out from our favorite pizza place and watch a movie. Works for me! I'll take the 3 day weekend thank you.

I miss the excitement and the fun of the month of December. Now it's time to face the reality of cold & snow in NJ ... and the fact that seeing the first flowers push through the ground is still so far off in the distance. *sigh*

I know I was meant to live somewhere warm. Well, that's why Brian, me & Baby Belle will end up in South Carolina soon ... when we can sell this house. No more horrid winters - and we'll have warm weather for 3 seasons in Greenville. But still getting 4 full seasons during the year. Ahhh yes, I can close my eyes and imagine... Then I open my eyes and see the thermometer at 28 degrees & the yucky snow on my deck and I frown!

Now it's time to face the reality of taking down the Christmas decorations. Hmmm Probably Saturday. I can remember as a kid, my parents still had the tree up the first week in February. LOL.

When does everyone else take down their Christmas decorations?  

I Just love this kid to pieces- Look at that face!! Look how happy Daddy makes her!


  1. My blues don't have to do with the spirit of the holiday...I just hate the hassle of taking the stuff down and putting it away. Our house is tiny so we really don't have anywhere to store it. Anyway, I'll be doing it this weekend :( YUCK! XOXO

  2. I love that picture, she looks so happy! I just took down all my Christmas stuff yesterday. I get the "blues" as well. I love Christmas time!

  3. This picture is priceless! What a happy baby! There's so much joy in her. I love her to pieces too. :)

    I always wait until the day after New Year's Day - then all of a sudden everything disappears. (I don't have that much to put away, really.) The one thing I do hate is lugging some of the stuff downstairs into the scary basement. Ha.

    I, too, get the Christmas Blues.
    But that's where the books I got from Santa come in. I just tune out the snowy world outside and read my blues away. ;)

  4. Klove - Yeah our house is very small - everything either gets schlepped up in the attic or into the basement for storage. The smaller the house, the quicker it looks messy. So my answer for something in the house I want to move is, "Put it in the attic" - Ugh I dread when we have to move and get all that stuff down LOL

    Aimee - You are quick - Quicker than me! But I totally understand it! :)

    Yvette- Happy Baby indeed! SHe doesn't ever stop squealing & laughing and smiling!

  5. I hate taking down Christmas stuff--that gets anyone depressed! This year my husband took care of the tree for me when I was out of town. Lovely.

    I'm with you on New Years. I'm not about to get on the road with all those drunks. I'm going to have a little bubbly at home and relax with my guys.

    Hope you have a great New Years regardless :)


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