Sunday, December 12, 2010

Giggle Monster

Julianna is our little Giggle Monster...
About a month ago, she started to really laugh & giggle... I'm talking about the squealing, giggling, screeching kind of laughing! She giggles so hard at our dog Pepper. Not sure what Julianna finds so funny but she just loves Pepper! (Pepper is our 2 yr old Jack Russell/Doxie mix) As you can see in the video, Pepper is less than thrilled; she hates the video camera and usually darts under our bed when we even pick it up. Uh, and don't mind the messy house. We didn't plan on this video... it's very candid.

Watch the Giggle Monster here:


  1. Oh. My. God.
    Cuteness Overload!

  2. I can't stand this video. My heart was MELTING the whole time!

    PS--wrote something to you on my blog, thought I would post it here.
    Thanks, Skye! Welcome to you as well. The car seat thing is crazy. I am telling you, 1 year and 20 pounds is the absolute minimum. What parent wants the minimum for her child? I heard that the laws might soon be changing from someone on the inside. I am just thankful a few friends sent me what they did. We turned in back to rear facing and don't plan on changing it until she is 2 or so.

  3. Beyond cute!! Nothing is better than baby giggles! xo

  4. Funny b/c I really wasn't sure about posting this .... because you know how you think everything your kid does is the cutest ... and sometimes not everyone else might think the same LOL. Well, I was hoping this was cute enough to post and I guess I was right. Nothing like a squealy giggling happy baby to brighten one's day! :)

  5. There is nothing like a giggling baby to warm your heart. Love this video. She is getting so big. Keep posting pics mama she is beautiful.


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