Monday, December 13, 2010

Blog Design & some random pics of Julianna

I apologize to anyone that has visited my blog in the last 2 days only to find it in complete dis-array & a war zone. I have been doing some housekeeping. I'm one of those people that is never satisfied with the way their blog looks. I am constantly tweaking colors, fonts, layouts, templates, etc. I finally got it to the way I like... And what do I do? I change it again! I found yet another template website with the coolest designs. So, I had to try it out.

I tried a few different templates & backgrounds in the last 2 days and they were nice but I was having a hard time manipulating the column sizing and colors. I need full control. (*Control Freak * Control Freak *!!)

So we're back to the way my blog was up until 2 days ago. I really need to brush up on those HTML skills, and start coming up with my own designs... Hmmmm, if only I can find where I put the book in the attic!

So anyway ... I took some cute random pictures of Julianna this weekend. Nothing real new to report other than the fact there's only 11 days left until Christmas & I still have shopping to do!
I've been telling Julianna all about Santa Claus... but she just doesn't seem that interested yet...LOL. I hope she likes everything that Santa is going to leave for her on Christmas morning... or at least, I hope she likes the tissue paper it's wrapped in!

Wishful thinking that Julianna's actually waving?

Julianna loves her new Jumparoo.  

She loves to pose with her Kissy lips.  

I hope Julianna isn't subtly telling us here that she wants to be a future Playboy model! 


  1. she's so cute. It makes me sad that my little one is growing up so quickly.

  2. Jumperoo and Exersaucer... I an't believe life without these two, hahaha!

  3. This is so funny: my blog has also been a war zone for the past few days. Sadly, I don't have any html skills to brush up! I have learned a lot during the last few days, though! It is so hard to resist trying new templates!


  4. Ashley - Thank you!!

    Hollie -I know how you feel. I saw my friend's newborn the other day and it feels like a lifetime ago that Julianna was that size... and she is only 7 months old!

    Kitten - you are right - I think these are the comparable things to what the bouncy seat & swing were for the first 5-6 months! Can't live without!

    Carla - It becomes addicting to change templates LOL - I have to back away and close the laptop sometimes! haha!

  5. Love Julianna's kissy face!! Too cute!

  6. Sophia loves her jumparoo too! It's so fun to watch her jump like crazy, she laughs at herself. It's the funniest thing to watch! Julianna is so cute, I love seeing all the pictures :)

  7. What a little sweetie! That face is too much - LOVE the pics! :-) Love your blog look too (I need to re-do mine). ;-)

  8. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  9. Ashley O - Thanks! We crack up when she does the kissy face...

    Aimee- I think the Jumparoo was built for entertaining parents! It is so funny to watch her jump like a maniac!

    Karli - Thanks! Check out Shabby Blogs & THe cutest blog on the block & Hotbliggityblog ... those 3 seem to have some very nice backgrounds without being too hard to change ...

  10. Her and Kylie might both be posing for playboy, we have several pictures with the shirt up and belly hanging out also!

  11. Alicia - That is too funny! Well I guess we are not alone then! haha! We have some poser kids! haha!


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