Tuesday, December 28, 2010


We had a mini-milestone here yesterday.
Brian and I decided to give Julianna her first 'finger food' for her to try. We sat her in her highchair and put the tray on for the first time...and then put some Cheerios on the tray. Just a few. We were laughing so hard watching her grasp at the teeny little toasted oats with her little pudgy clumsy fingers ... her little pincer grip working sooo hard to pick up just one teeny O.

Put it in the mouth and mush it around... mush mush mush ... mush mush ... swallow. Cough. Swallow... make a weird face then smile!

Hmmm.What IS this thing? Do I eat it? Really?

Overall... we called it a success.

At Dinnertime, we gave Julianna an over-cooked mushy piece of plain pasta. The pasta was so sticky and the little pasta-pieces stuck to her fingers and she wasn't able to get any of it in her mouth (not for lack of trying). I read that the pasta needed to be overcooked (to make it mushy enough so she could gum it up and swallow since she has no teeth), so that's what I did. But it didn't work out so well.
Maybe it's time to try something else. I printed out a list (from the Internet) of finger foods for babies with no teeth ... I'll move onto the next one on the list. I'm gonna pick up some Gerber puffs the next time I go food shopping.

In case anyone is interested, here are some websites for Baby Finger Foods:


  1. Such a big girl with the cheerios! Kylie can't pick them up yet...still working on it. Good to know about the pasta, I'll wait a while before trying that. We have tried the puffs (wal-mart brand) she can't pick them up, but when they stick to her wet hand she gets them in her mouth that way! I have crushed cheerioes and rolled slippery fruit (bananas, peaches) in them and it makes the fruit a lot easier to handle. Our dr. also recommended strips of toast for her to chew on. Try Baby Mum Mum's if you haven't already, they are bigger and easier to handle.

    I love having a baby the same age as Kylie to read about!!

  2. Aw, so cute! Isn't it amazing how fast they grow?! I love the baby food puffs, but I'm waiting till 8 months for them so Harry has a little more mashing power in his gums. Right now, Harry likes gnawing on carrots and oranges.


  3. Cheerios, yeh!!!!! What a big girl.
    Nana is proud. :)

  4. Mia learned to pick stuff up with puffs but a warning, they make babies backed up if you know what I mean. Add in some pureed prunes. :) Exciting stuff!

  5. That's so cool.

    Does she have a tooth yet? I'm thinking of giving my little guy some finger food, but am scared since he can't chew!

  6. That's exciting. I've been giving Nadine the Plum puffs, and she loves them. :)

  7. Alicia- that is good to know about the Baby Mum mums. I never heard of those- but will be on the look out for them now! And about the crushed cheerios- that sounds great. I love getting ideas from other moms like you! :)

    Carla - I am going to pick up the puffs next time I go to the store -looks liie everyone uses those :) we felt her little gums are very strong so we tried the cheerios... but still feel like i want to try something that disolves better.

    Nana - you would be proud - we have a video of her eating them - so cute!

    Ashley- thanks for the warning... I will remember that for sure!! Good to know so I don't OD her on puffs and then run into issues later on! haha!

    Karen - She doesn't have any teeth yet but as long as they can mush it up with their gums (those suckers are strong!) - or as long as it disolves in their mouth thenit should be ok - check out the websites I listed, those have some good ideas... and ask your ped, they have good recommendations too ... She is 7 mos and 1 week so we figured since she is having a hard time liking most fruits & veggies, we would try finger foods (she loves her cereal!)

    Kitten - Plum Puffs? Sounds good. I did not realize they had flavored ones - I will need to have her Jul those! :)

  8. so cute!! I love her chunky little hands. My little one is growing out of her baby chunky. :[

  9. Hollie- Oh no - I will be so sad when her little hands are not pudgy any more. There is something just so cute about it!!


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