Friday, December 17, 2010

Jumparoo Friday & Anonymous

Here is Julianna in her Jumparoo... Yes I know everyone has one of these... but I just thought I would post a video b/c she is having so much fun!!

On a side note ... whoever is posting very interesting anonymous comments, please be so kind as to identify yourself or email me to tell me what you have a problem with... or I will be forced to turn off the 'Anonymous' option. I can assure you that my blog is doing nothing to hurt your IE browser.
I don't want to have to turn off Anonymous, especially since I do have some friends without Google accounts that like to post... Thank You!


  1. Cute video!! Could your anonymous be spam?

  2. Love the video! She is so cute :) Sophia loves her Jumaproo too, she would jump for hours if I let her!

  3. I had to add the feature where people have to type in the letters/numbers that they see before they can post a comment because I was getting a lot of span, maybe that will stop your comments?

  4. Alicia & Ashley - Yeah .... I actually turned off that word verifier b/c it was such a pain but I guess maybe this is the end result. So... I just turned it back on - we'll see if that helps... I really do not want to turn off Anon. :)

    Aimee- I know! THe jumparoo is just the best. I love how every day it seems she finds something new to giggle at on it !! haha!

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. That's cute, I can watch my little one bounce in her jumperoo all day, I am sure you feel the same. :)

    About possible spammers, I have my word verification off, but I have my settings set so that comments on posts that are at least 3 days old are moderated, meaning I have to approve it before it gets published. So far this helps. Spammers usually post on old posts. Hope this helps.

  7. I love the video with the Jumparoo. Stella loves hers and my husband and I watch her and crack up because she really gets herrself going! So cute!

  8. Whoa...I need to get one of those for my little man! Too fun!

  9. Kitten - thanks for the advice! I am trying this idea with the 3 days... we'll see if that helps. I just got a few more today but it was on older ones so i was able to delete them right away... what a pain! sheesh!
    But yes the jumparoo rocks! Hands down. :)

    Haute Mom - Yeah -we can watch her all day - so funny how we are so easily entertained by our children! LOL

    Karen - Oh yes, if you do not have one, get one haha! It's awesome. I was able to borrow this one from a friend luckily b/c they are not cheap - see if you can get one from a consignment shop or craigslist - I never pay full price for these expensive larger toys if I don't have to... (as long as they can be cleaned LOL)

  10. Judging your last comment, I am wondering if there is a market for renting the large baby equipment. You are right, if it is washable, why pay full price, when they will only use that item for 6 months or less. I knew I wanted more than ONE child so for me, it was better to buy - but a lot of people nowadays are only having ONE child. I think if people rented this type of equipment that it would help our landfills, our air quality and save money for the families. Someone should get right on that and open up a baby rental facility. Reuse and repurpose things is better for our environment and our kids future.

    What is up with the anom people? Really, this is a family friendly blog. Sorry you have to moderate your comment section, that stinks.

  11. jagmom that would be a great business!!


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