Monday, December 6, 2010

Baby Legs & Decorating our Christmas Tree

I've been eyeing up Babylegs for Julianna ... but couldn't bring myself to spend $12 on them. I even bought a pair of knee-high holiday socks to make my own (that would require sewing which haha, for those of you that know me, that will never happen!).

So ... on Black Friday, I saw that the Babylegs website had them on sale... 3 for $10! I thought it was a mistake, but no it wasn't! I got 3 pair for $10 with free shipping. I had to get them - it was a no brainer. The package came the other day- they are real cute, now what to do with them!?!?
Hint: If you "Like" Babylegs on Facebook, you'll see daily deals & sales. I always see a ton of great sales every week!

Well, it only took me a few days to find a use for babylegs.
My incredible husband Brian dressed Julianna on Saturday & he put a pretty "Sleep-n-Play" on. He's always so proud when he dresses her, but then waits to see the look of approval on my face... he doesn't, uh, exactly match her outfits too well sometimes!
It's OK - I am thankful for everything he does, God bless his little heart.
Well, the pants stopped at her knees. They were Capri's! I bought the outfit this past summer (size: 6 mo) but I never realized until recently they were Capri pants! Not good for NJ Winters. So ... I never was able to dress her in these 2 outfits on her because her legs wold be cold. ENTER Babylegs.

I put them on her, and they covered up the rest of her legs. Maybe not the way they were intended for use, but hey, it was a great idea! I can't wait to use them under her winter dresses & when she starts to crawl.

Julianna is such a happy baby!

Later, it was time to decorate the tree. Julianna only lasted a few minutes in her Exersaucer because she was way to interested in what we were doing and more importantly why wasn't she included?! She gave us some pathetic whines & wimpers... so I decided to put her in the Moby sling while we decorated and she loved it! We played Christmas music and danced around singing with Julianna. It was soooo much fun! (Hopefully none of the neighbors walking their dogs saw us through the window! haha!)

She loved it so much, she passed out. I knew that would happen.
The Moby puts her to sleep every time!  

Our Tree

Brian and I both have our old childhood ornaments that our parents gave us and we have fun every year decorating the tree with those along with our new ornaments. It's very sentimental to us as we talk about how old each ornament is as we put it on the tree!

Julianna expressed her happiness & loves all of the decorations!


  1. Baby legs are too cute! I'm going to need to have a girl next so I can buy some for her, haha. I think little girls have way cuter clothes than little boys.

    Your tree looks really pretty!

  2. Oh Karen...haha They do make Boy baby legs! I saw some with footballs and boy colors! But yes, I do know what you mean, I think baby-girl clothes are pretty cute - more choices too! :(

  3. I LOVE legwarmers! I think they look so adorable on chubby baby legs! Have you seen the Circo ones at Target? They are only $2.99!

    Love your tree! :)

  4. Thanks Ashley! Ooh they have baby leg warmers at target? Yes I'll have to check it out... thanks for that tip! :)

  5. I love two things in your pics - leg warmers and the Moby! Such a smart, haute mommy you are! By the way...if you want more leg warmers, I am giving a set away from Zootie Patooties. :)
    P.S. Your daughter is beautiful!

  6. I ordered baby legs too, what a steal! My hubby is the same, every time he dresses our little one, the colors don't match at all... and don't get me started with prints... floral top with polkadot pants and a striped socks??? Hahaha.

    Nice tree by the way. :)

  7. By the Way, I left something for you at my blog:

  8. Great post! I love babylegs. Sophia has a few pairs, and I made her a pair also. I still need to experiment a little more with sewing the hem a little better.

    I put Sophia in the moby too when we decorated the tree! She loved it!

  9. The Baby Legs are darling! And congrats on your award!


  10. Congrats, Skye. Love the babylegs too. Your tree looks beautiful! Julianna is going to have the best Christmas - it looks pretty good so far. ;)

  11. Haute Mom - I did enter! I am hoping to win - hehe! I am loving the leg warmers! Thanks!

    Kitten- too funny with the hubbies dressing their duaghters! I can't help but smile when Brian dresses her in a major mis-match. It's cute! He tries hard. Some days he hits it right on (he knows which outfits match b/c the pants came with the onsie!) And thank you again for that award - so very sweet of you!! :)

    Aimee - I have the kneehighs, ansd will attempt to make them into leg warmers ... one day soon. (just like you did!) LOL.
    How great is the Moby! I wish I used it more often than I do. But when I do use it, it sure does come in handy, like when we docrated the tree. Great idea!! :)Did you get a picture of Sophia in her moby while you were decorating?! hehe!

    Carla - Thanks very much!

    Yvette - Oh yeah, she is going to have a majorly exciting christmas (more exciting for us, than her LOL!) She will be hapopy when Nana is there to watch her open her gifts from Santa.


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