Thursday, December 16, 2010

Happy 40th Birthday to me

Happy 40th to me. No use hiding from it. I am looking 40 right in the face & it's not too terrible - Bring it!! No use pretending I'm 30 again. I am not scared of 40. Truthfully, the worst birthday I had was 29.... because it reminded me I had 1 more year until the dreaded *30*. I remember being so depressed when I turned 29. Ah - if only I could be 29 again knowing what I know now! LOL!

And you know what... I changed so much between 30 & 40. In your 20's, you think you know everything you need to know and you think you know WHO you are. Ha! Was I wrong! I found out that in my 30's, that is when you really find out WHO you are. That is the time to explore yourself, your interests, your personal values, your life.

I learned so much about ME in my 30's. I became a real adult... I became financially comfortable... I met & married the love of my life (no way would I have been able to do that in my early 20's and last)... I had a child late in life, but I was READY for her! I do not feel like I am missing out on anything...I learned to be more patient and forgiving... I learned my body will never be what it was in my 20's and I have accepted it. I learned to truly appreciate the simple things... and enjoy every minute because life is fragile. I learned I don't have to give in & listen to the "Oldies", I can listen to Lady Gaga & Black Eyed Peas & rock on!!

I did it all when I was younger... and it was fun and created memories to last a lifetime. Do I have regrets? Sure I do. I wish I could have gotten my 4 year degree (yes I know I still can) and I wish maybe I hadn't twiddled around with careers so many times in my 20's, and I wish I would have known to sock away money for retirement as soon as I had my first job (live & learn - right?). My 30's were some fun times - but not the "Go out and party" way like my 20's were! I loved my 30's ... and the best part is, I still have NO wrinkles!

I have a husband and baby that love me dearly. Life is good. I am very content.... today is a good day to turn 40!

So I say this to the Age Gods - Bring on 40!


  1. Happy BIrthday, Kiddo. And still wrinkle-free!! Ha!

  2. Happy birthday from me too (an interloper from your Mum's blog!)

    Babe looks gorgeous - spend MANY hours just looking at her, they grow so quickly and before you know it they're grown and off out into the world! (I speak from experience, as my babes are 24 and 26!)

    ...and a very Happy 1st Christmas to you all as a 'new' family! :-)

  3. Happy birthday!! You totally don't look 40! :) I agree the 30's are great years, here's to the 40's being even better!

  4. your baby is beautiful!
    I am your newest folower from the hop please follow me back at

  5. Happy Birthday! I totally feel you on the 29th, that was the toughest for me too. ANyway, I hope you have a good one. Cheers!

  6. Yvette & Sue H - Thanks very much!!

    Mizzreviewlady - thanks for stopping by & checking out my blog ... I'll follow you back

    Kitten - thanks! It was a fun day!

  7. Happy Birthday! Sorry I missed you yesterday...hope it was AWESOME! Here's to another great decade for you!


  8. Happy Belated Birthday :) I hope it was wonderful!!

  9. Carla & Aimee - Thanks!! It was awessome. My husband got me the most beautiful flowers ... and we went to a fund raiser benefit for a very sick 14 month old girl ... It was to raise money for her medical bills. They ended up raising a lot of money for her!!

    We are also going out for my actual birthday dinner tomorrow night to a favorite restaurant of ours!

  10. I hope you had a good birthday! I'm slow getting around to peoples blogs lately. :\

    and in response to the comment on my blog, some people don't have any manners. Someone actually put a comment on my blog awhile back, directing me to to check out a specific blog post of theirs, and it was about how she wrecked her little VW beeatle and didn't have the money to fix it, so she was collecting money through paypal. Sorry, I wasn't born last nite!

  11. Hollie- thanks very much !! Funny how I don't feel 40 ... My best friend and I always say we still feel 18 like when we met... hahaha!
    Yeah, that follow stuff is kind of annoying sometimes... guess all we can do is ignore it - or not take it personally. :)


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