Monday, December 20, 2010

Fun & Lazy weekend

Key to the Magic Kingdom - How to encourage a 7 month old to sleep late?
I have never complained about sleep (or lack of) b/c it has really never been an issue for us. Julianna goes to bed at 8pm and doesn't wake until 6:30 am. Monday through Friday, that's perfect because we get up for work at 6:30.
But on the weekend ... I wish she would sleep in just a little longer. 7 or 7:30 would totally work for us! Well... we discovered how to get her to sleep in. Or at least stay in her bed without making a peep (not involving tape or straight jacket!)...

One night last week, I decided to experiment & put a toy in her crib (just a small one she can't suffocate on). We watched her on the video monitor the first morning she did it. She rolled over, grabbed her toy, and played quietly in her crib. Not a peep! BINGO! So the next night, I put 2 more toys in there - one at the bottom, the middle and up top. Perfect placement. Next morning -not a peep, and playing quietly with the toys! Genius. Why didn't I think of this before??? (I'm sure many of you already figured this out monthns ago LOL)

Julianna in one of her new hats on her way to daycare this morning -
Have I mentioned I'm addicted to baby hats!?

Pincer Grasp & Sitting up Strong
So this weekend, we noticed Julianna was grasping things with her thumb & first finger! ...And as you know, that is the first big milestone she has to reach before she starts with finger foods! She is 7 months on Thursday... Bring on the finger foods soon!
She was trying to grab every 'little' thing she could, like the bow on her pants, the eyeball on her bunny, the ruffle on her shirt. So cute. She is getting the hang of it.

We also realized Julianna is able to sit up strong now... but she has to be on kind of a hard surface (like on the floor with a blanket under her). Another milestone reached...we were very impressed with our little Jule-bug. She was sitting strong & straight up. We still have to sit behind her, because she tries to fling herself backwards as hard as she can... and that can end badly if we aren't there to stop her from hitting her enormous head on the ground! As soon as we get our interlocking mats (Tuesday), that should help soften the impact LOL.

Fun Saturday
We went Christmas shopping in Morristown and then the mall. The line to see Santa was too long with screaming kids... we passed. The Mall was fun (who knew!) - there was live music... and it was very festive. I actually did not get all wigged out over the crowds. Maybe because it was my husband that was Christmas shopping and the pressure was off me. haha! Then we went out for my birthday dinner to one of our favorite restaurants... Had a nice glass (or 2) of Chilean Malbec and Delmonico steak! It was a  great day!

Lazy Sunday
Yesterday was a lazy Sunday ... Sat around all day and did stuff around the house and watched football. The horrible Giants game. I don't have words to describe the shock that we were in at the end of that game, so I won't say any more. Damned Eagles & their dog-killin' quarterback. least the Jets won. 

Chilling with Daddy on Sunday...
Notice the happy faces; this was taken before the Giants blew it.

Napping with Daddy 

Snuggling with Daddy 

Tweaking daddy's nose 


  1. isn't it fun to see all the new milestones our babies reach? Sophia has got the pincer grasp down! She grabs everything with her two little fingers also :) We have hardwood floors, and got Sophia some of the interlocking foam mats for Christmas too, I can't wait to get them out and on the floor!

  2. There's nothing better than seeing a baby girl with her Daddy! So cute! XOXO

  3. It's amazing how much they change between 6 months and a year! Her hat is so cute! Glad you are getting a little extra sleep!

  4. Aimee - Isn't that the cutest thing to see them grabbing things with those 2 fingers LOL?! Our mats just came ealier via UPS - I can't wait to open the box tomorrow and get some floor playtime in!

    Klove - I know - there are like 300 pics of her & daddy... but are there any of me & her? Not too many at all... I am obsessed with taking pics of those two!

    Ashley - I know, it amazes me the changes even from 6 to 7 months... it seems like every day it's something new!

  5. BWAH HA HA HA - how to get a baby to sleep late! :-) If you find out, let me know! One of life's mysteries. ;-) I've got my boys trained. And if they get up early on Saturday, they know to tiptoe right on by my room and downstairs to play. Livia on the other hand needs a bit more training - LOL! :-)

  6. OMG, that is genius! I will be trying that. My little one keeps waking us up every morning with hardcore vocalizations. Haha. I am so excited for you to get your mat. I feel that this is the easiest age. I let her sit on the mat and give her toys and she is occupied for at least 30 minutes. I sit back and just watch from a distance. :)

  7. I started putting a toy in there about a month ago when she was having such trouble with teething so she could chew on it when she woke up during the night. Then when I realized that it was keeping her quiet in the mornings, I added a few others, on a good morning she will play somewhat quietly for up to 30 minutes! She's like me though, she likes to wake up slowly and lay there for a little while before getting out of bed, well unless she wakes up screaming! That's exciting about the pincer grasp, what a fun milestone!

  8. You are a genius!!!!! I'm so hiring you! haha I love your daughter, she's so cuteee!!!! I totally want another baby!

  9. Karli - You crack me up!

    Kitten - we just started doing the mat thing and she loves sitting there playing with all her new toys now... she has always (luckily) been a good independent player.

    Alicia - Good for you - I see it works for you as well - perfect!!

    Lucy - Thanks haha! Go for another one then! :) Are ya gonna do it?!??


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