Tuesday, March 1, 2011


I have to go away for work this week - just one night - but it's the first time I'll be away from Julianna overnight ever. I always miss my husband when I have to go away for work ... I think I'll be ok but I know I am going to miss Julianna so much! I hate being away from my family. I don't think I could ever have a job where I travel all the time... I'm not one of those people that counts down the minutes they are away from their kids or husband. I am actually quite pitiful when we are apart.

The only good thing is, after my group meets up for dinner, I plan on going back to the hotel room, taking a nice hot bath, & chilling out ... and then I'm going to catch up on reading some blogs (Don't laugh - I am so far behind on that!!)

I had to take this picture of Jules this morning - she looks like she is ready to go meet some friends to go Tee off at the golf course. LOL


  1. Leaving Maia for my first time ever was when Jose took her back to Costa Rica and I had to go to a wedding...I cried so hard, we were away from each other for 22 days...22 days too long if you ask me.

    PS- love her outfit!

  2. it is sooo hard to leave * but u've got the right idea to try & enjoy some mama time ;) safe travels!

  3. I don't like to be away either...even though it's usually my husband who is out of town. Neither of us like it. Good luck! Enjoy that bath!


  4. I left Kylie for one night in November, it was hard, but we survived being apart! You'll be fine and enjoy your alone time!

  5. Oh boy is she cute! I know how you feel about leaving your little one, it's hard, especially over night. I remember the thought used to make me feel sick to my stomach when my oldest was Julianna's age. The first night I spent apart from him was the night I had my daughter!

    My hubby and I did take a 3 night trip to NYC when Nathan was almost 3 and Hannah was 15 months (my mom stayed with them). It's way easier to leave when you have two. :-) I still missed them though!

    Have a great trip!

  6. Hope your trip wasn't or isn't too bad. And I hope your quiet time is relaxing. My hubby and I have planned a trip for vegas and we're leaving Chloe with my parents...stresses me out and it's over a month away.

  7. Oh... I'm dreading when I have to start travelling again for work. I have staff down in Charlotte, NC so normally I travel down there a few times a year. Luckily my boss has a young daughter so he understands and isn't pushing me to travel anytime soon :)

  8. Thanks everyone ... Somehow I made it through tonight without shedding a tear. I qam sad & miss my husband & baby girl terribly but I will be heading back home tomorrow - and can't wait to see them both!
    My husband & I are planning a week away next year for our 5 yr wedding anniversary & I am truly dreading being away from Jules for that long. I don't know if I can do it.


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