Thursday, March 31, 2011

This 'n That

This past weekend, we took a road trip about 3 hours north to upstate NY to visit Brian's parents. It's really really cold up there. Funny thing is, they have less snow on the ground than we do!
Julianna got to see Grandma & Grandpa S ... and Grandma & Grandpa F. Everyone got their Julianna fix! Julianna got some nice Easter outfits from Grandma F and 2 nice books. She also got to play with the new puppy named "Bailey". Bailey was pretty crazy but nothing Julianna couldn't handle. She is used to Pepper licking her like a Popsicle. Grandma S gave Jules plenty of attention and hugs, kisses & snuggles!

Julianna stayed on schedule all weekend and we even got to do a little shopping at H&M. I love their organic cotton onsies there. They fit really nice... but we don't have H&M kids here for some reason. So when we go up there, I try to pick up some goodies for Jules. They have the cutest dresses too. I could buy her a zillion outfits!

Julianna does this funny thing now - whenever she is thinking or trying to figure out something, she sticks out her tongue... it's pretty funny. Something else new -  I tried to feed Julianna some yogurt (Yo-Baby) but after 2 spoonfuls, she decided she didn't like it. I tried to get the 3rd spoonful in, but she gagged a few times and I thought for sure she was going to hurl all over me. Lucky for me, that didn't happen. But she made it clear we were done with yogurt for the night. I'll try again but maybe next time, I'll mix it in with some fruit.

Not much else to report this week....
Here are some pictures from this past weekend below. We took several pictures with her new headbands on. Julianna tolerated it for a little while then yanked each one off I tried to put on. She did that with her hats all weekend too. She never minded wearing hats before. Now, I put a hat on her head, and off it comes. *Sigh*

I do love this blue flower on her!


Investigating... "What's this piece of dust here?"

Julianna trying to get away from cute little Bailey. Hahaa!  

Look Daddy, I can stand! 

Another headband mom? Really? 

I know I can crawl... I just have to figure it out somehow! 


I get soooo excited over the empty paper bag - heee heee heee heee!! Wave my arms - Wave my arms!

A girl has to get a good night's sleep to look this cute! 

I'm excited... let's wave my arms ... and stick my tongue out .... heeeee heeeee heeeee!  


  1. I love her outfit in the last picture! And the look on her face in the second picture...;)

  2. cute cute cute! I'm so getting some wide headbands like that for my littlest *

  3. Granthamania -thanks, yeh that 2nd picture is like "What???" Or like she got caught doing something! haha!

    B. Lee - I love headbands & hats - they are so much fun and can change an outfit completely! I might be addicted!

  4. I love, love, love that blue headband on just goes with her eyes so perfectly! Wow. The excited arm-waving is cute too! The yogurt made me laugh. I like to think they know what they're ready for (in a lot of cases!)...I've been giving Harry some Dannon Vanilla flavored and he loves it. I like Dannon because of their ingredient lists. ;)

    I would love to be able to get to grandparents with a three hour sound like you guys had a blast!


  5. Sounds like a fun trip. I also think that her photos with the headband are so cute! :)

  6. I like how she's seemingly showing off her earring in the one picture. Too cute!

  7. Kitten & Carla - thanks - that blue flower compliments her so well. I think I might start getting her some more blue things and hope the old ladies don't ask "How old is HE?"
    (Yeh what boy do you know has earrings???)

    Hollie - thanks! I love those little butterfly earrings. She must like them too ;)


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