Friday, March 11, 2011

Don't click that button...

So as you may or may not notice, my blog design has changed again but this time it was kinda not done on purpose. I messed up. I clicked "THAT" button that you shouldn't click ever without backing up your template first. Yup. I clicked "Revert to Classic Template". FYI - Don't do it without backing up your current template first. Ugh!

I was really just trying to change my header to something else and was experimenting with different ones. Well somewhere along the way I lost some settings and then I don't know what led up to it, but I clicked the revert button. Ewwww! Bad Skye.

Sooo... It took me 2 nights to get my blog back to something I could approve of, and then decided to change the colors, header & layout anyway since I had to change and add back every little thing again. The cool thing is, somehow I now have a wide variety of web fonts to choose from. Not just the boring 6 fonts. Not sure how that happened but that was a bonus.

OK enough of my whining.

I want to share something with you that my friend shared with me. Baby Jake's mom (Nicole) gave me these cool baby crackers for Julianna to try ... they are called Baby Mum Mums. She got them at Target but I assume we might be able to get them elsewhere too. They dissolve in baby's mouth for easy 'gumming' and swallowing. Julianna loves them and they dissolved so easily in her mouth. I am going to get a few boxes of them this weekend. Yeehaw to Baby Mum Mums!

And of course, I have to include a Julianna picture in this post ... I'm not really sure what she is doing here but she looks like she is funkin' out to a Black Eyed Peas song! LOL!


  1. Oooh, I need to go buy a box of those for Jackson to try. I'm going to Target this weekend!

    Julianna is too cute :)

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Baby mum mums are the best. Also you can get them at almost any store like Walmart, Target, Pick n save, piggly wiggly places like that. When the kid gets more teeth i recommend the baby biscuits or lil munchers.

  3. Oh how frustrating! but how can you go wrong with a header if it has beautiful Julianna in it- you just can't.

    Always love finding new products that are healthy and my little one's approve of... have you tried Plum organic purees yet?

  4. I love that picture!!!

    You can also get the MumMum's at wal-mart, Kylie loves them!

  5. Karen - Yes try them for sure - let us nkow how jacksom likes them! I know he will.

    Wojtalewicz/Gierach - thanks! I will grab them at oneof those stores this weekend lol. ANd once she has teeth, I will be getting the biscuits as well! :)

    Mommysankey - I have not tried the Plum organics. SOmenoe else just suggested I try them - I thought the little twist off cap would be easy for travel and it seems like it would be easy for a kid to feed themselves with the smushy bag thing (Yeh that made no sense, I know!!) - I'll grab some when I see them out next and try them! :)

    Alicia - Kylie likes them too? Whew, I guess Jules has been missing out. I gotta branch out and try new baby things more often! :)

  6. They scared me at first and I would break them into pieces, was just scared she would choke, but now I just give her the whole one and she bites off pieces. They do dissolve pretty good. Also, the lil crunchies (something like that) by Gerber are good, they are more like chips, don't know how healthy they are, but Kylie gets them occasionally and she loves them. They look like puff cheetos, I usually save them for when we're somewhere and I need to keep her occupied! Can't remember...have you tried the yogurt melts? They are a favorite around here! Okay, honestly...Kylie just likes to eat :)

  7. Hope loved Mum Mums too! I never could find the veggie ones, but she loved the plain and the strawberry. They are hard to find here - only the biggest Super WalMart has them, and I found them in a little Russian grocery around the corner! I still pick them up if I see them - great, non-messy snacks for the car!

  8. I always say this, but she is sooooo cute!!!!!!! What a pain about your blog. One day I saw my blog in a different browser and just about flipped out, it looked so bad. Took hours of tweaking to get something I "approved of" (love how you put that-so true)!

  9. Love the header and the photo you on this post is so so soooo cute. I also give N Baby Mum-Mum and she loves it. I give her the whole piece and she just bites it.

  10. Alicia- Yes, we tried to yogurt bites - she loves those too! I am so happy we have snacks she likes at least! I bought 2 big boxes of Mum Mums yesterday - haha

    STacia - I found them at babysrus but I suspect they were pricier there. Our food store didn't have them ... but I saw the whole line and will be doing the todller crackers as well. I like that there are no bad ingredients in them!

    Heather- Yeh I saw mine in safari once and it was allmangled. Oh well - I guess those Ipad people will get a weird view! haha!

    Kitten - thanks - It takes such time to figure out what works perfectly with what pictures. Ahhh. Thanks


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