Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Weekend fun & My husband the Cake Boss...

I can't say this weekend was spectacular - but it was still relaxing and we got to spend some quality family time together. Friday night we ordered a pizza and watched some March madness basketball - Syracuse vs. Uconn. Uconn won. Hubby is a Huge SU fan. He was not happy. {Ugh, baseball can't come soon enough!}

Saturday we went to visit daddy's job and Julianna got to sit on her first John Deere mower. It was pretty cute! She was trying to start the mower, so daddy had to remove the key. I got some pictures of her on the mower but they were kind of blurry. We went to a late lunch at TGIF's while mommy & daddy dined on some yummy stuff (including Ghirardelli fudge brownie & ice cream for dessert) and Jules ate some Mum Mum crackers and had her bottle.

On Sunday we {Brian} made a cake, some cupcakes, & cream cheese icing to test out some recipes for Julianna's birthday.  No food pictures. I forgot to take them. We figure we're gonna need to make about 80-90 cupcakes. That's alot of flour to clean up off my kitchen counter. Blegh. The cake came out good but the cupcakes came out kind of dense; however they tasted good. Me... I vote Betty Crocker, but Brian is determined to make all this from scratch. Let him at it then! haha!  I am not a baker. At all. I hate it. I would have been pushing the envelope making the cake & cupcakes with Betty Crocker. Brian wants to do it all from scratch {for his little girl!} - then he has just earned the title of Cake Boss for Jules' party in May! He said he'll try something else for the next batch of testers. What? Next batch? My ass & thighs thank you much. I made Brian take the remaining specimens into work the next day so I wouldn't be a gluttonous pig & eat the rest of them!  

Some pictures from this weekend...

Julianna reading her NY Yankees Book. She's  a natural fan. She's getting ready for the season...

Julianna then showed me how her Yankees hat fit ... It's almost a good fit. Should fit fine by opening day!

Studying some more...

Excited over her book still!

Daddy showing Julianna the John Deere mower.

Daddy buckling her in.

"WooHoo - Look at me - I can drive this thing!"


  1. Too cute that Dad wants to make everything from scratch. I like to bake, but it would take a lot to get me to make that many cupcakes from scratch!!! I love the picture of Julianna trying on the hat. Oh, and the one of her lying on her tummy reading the book. She's growing so fast!

  2. 1) I can't believe Julianna will be 1 in two months!
    2)It is so sweet that daddy wants to bake for his baby girl's birthday!
    3) Love that Yankee baby book!
    4)As always, Julianna is super adorable!

  3. go daddy!!! that's awesome * Julianna is such a CUTIE!!!

  4. Love the Deere pictures! Good luck, to the 'boss,' with the baking.

  5. That's awesome, way to go dad! I must say that the second photo is too tooo toooo tooooo CUTE! Brought a smile to my face just looking at it. :)


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