Sunday, March 20, 2011

Happy Spring!

Well it's finally here. Sort of. Spring arrived. It was 70 on Friday and still pretty nice the rest of the weekend... I'll take 55 and sunny. And happy first day of spring! Bring it on... I need warmth. I can't wait until it's nice enough where we can bring Julianna to the park or to the pool. I can't wait to see green grass and flowers.

Friday night, we went out to dinner with Aunt Michelle & Uncle Matt... to the Wearhouse Grill on Lake Hopatcong... I had some real good Shepards pie. Yum. There was a little boy about 2 years old with his mom and another lady. They had a DVD player on the table for the boy {to keep him busy while they ate?}- I am thinking if your kid can't behave and you need a DVD player to keep him from acting up while you're out at a restaurant - then you probably shouldn't be bringing him out to eat with you. Just my opinion.

Julianna and Baby Jake went to Story Time at Barnes & Noble on Saturday. It was a "Very Hungry Caterpillar" Story time. Julianna had fun I think. After the story, we got to sing some songs and do the hokey pokey - and some other kiddie dances that I clearly need to learn. After story time, we went to Panera with Baby Jake and his family and had a fun time!

After lunch, we did one of my favorite things to do in the world - SHOPPING! We shopped for and bought most of Julianna's 18 month wardrobe for summer. She fits nicely into 12 months now... so we figure it will be 18 month for summer. We got some great deals... We hit the Children's place, Baby Gap, Carters, and Gymboree... and I had coupons for all of them. We got some very cute dresses. Oh they have the sweetest baby girl clothes! Really! The only thing she needs now is a couple of bathing suits and a beach coverup ... and a couple lightweight jackets. I'll hold off on buying those for now.

Sunday we did some errands, had a late lunch at Chiles and then food shopping. Thrilling huh? Try to control yourself with the excitement.

I think Julianna might be coming down with a cold ... she was coughing all day (that raspy cough!) - and she sneezed alot. She also wasn't very hungry for solids today...and her naps were all off. It's the cough that concerns me. Well, she's 10 months old on Wednesday and has NOT been sick yet. I guess she is due. It was bound to happen. Let's see what happens tomorrow when she wakes up. We put her down for bed at 7:45 - and not a peep - not a cough out of her. Maybe it's just the change in the weather and not a cold. How nice would that be if I beleived that statement.

Some pictures from this weekend.

Julianna learning to clap with Daddy.

Giggling and having fun!

"Oh... my life is so stressful."

Snuggling with daddy.

Sundays are for snuggling.


Cutey Patootey.

More daddy time.

"Tired from having my picture taken too many times!"

Giggle monster!!!


  1. Oh wow those pictures are amazing! She is so so sweet. You made it to 10 months without getting sick? That's incredible, great job mama! The first time is the WORST. Actually every time is the worst. I hope she just has a little cold and it goes away fast!

  2. I lust LOVE these pictures (and your captions!). I hope the cold(?) goes fast. Kaia was 10 months when she had her first cold and I thought the world was going to end--lol. Harry's had 3 or 4 already! I have a whole pile of alternative types of treatments to help them feel a little better during colds (email me if you're interested), but when it's all done you just have to wait for their little bodies' to deal with it. Sigh. On the other hand, nice job on keeping her well so long!


  3. Your daughter is beautiful!!! Love all the pictures.

    Found your blog through a comment from Haute Moms.

  4. Ashley - thanks! It's still a cough for now ... I am hoping it doesn't turn worse. I dread when she has a bad cold ... I do not like seeing her suffering :(

    Carla - thanks, I emailed you! :)

    Michi - thanks for stopping by! Hope to see you around again! :)

  5. The photos are precious! Oh my, these are frame-worthy, she is such a cutie!!!

  6. I love when she puts her hand to her forehead like she just can't bear to take anymore drama :) Good luck with the cold. I hope this crazy weather is not wrecking too much havoc on her.

  7. It has been warming up here, but really windy, which is kind of deceptive. It seems nice enough to play outside, until a wind gust almost knocks you over!

    I can't decide if the DVD player at the restaurant is really lazy parenting or ingenious! :-)

    She is so cute! Have you seen the bright blue swimsuit from Gymboree this year? To die for.

  8. Kitten - thanks! I know - it's such a hard choice what to print when it comes down to ordering them!

    AManda -yeh, we call her drama queen LOL. Actualy she puts the hand on the face when she's tired. Everyone thinks that is so funny! LOL.

    Heather- I was checking out the Bathing suits in Gymboree & Gap for her this weekend - Oh wow - sooo cute! There is a bumblebee bathingsuit I am eyeing up too! I am going to wait until we get closer to summer to get her the right size.... but so tempting to buy them all now!! :)


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