Thursday, March 3, 2011

One year ago...

I got this idea from a blog I follow called "PsychoBabble"... (thanks Lindsey!)

So much can change in a year. Right around this time last year, I was thinking about the following things:
What we registered for & was it enough stuff
How to decorate Julianna's room
How was I ever going to deal with the *pain* of childbirth
What kind of a Mama would I make
Would I love this little baby when she comes out
Would she love me and daddy
What would our life be like once Julianna entered the world
Would we get any sleep ??? (turns out we did!)
Can I make it through Shoprite or walking to the mailbox without passing out? LOL

I had to post this picture because Pepper is rolling around on the bed behind me while I tried to take my 8 month prego self portrait! haha! Crazy Jack Russell.


  1. I wondered about pain too...and if there was any chance of an early arrival!


  2. sweet * amazing how fast 1 year can fly by!

  3. Love the Pepper picture! At this point last year I was facing bed rest and a no salt diet and was convinced that I would seriously be pregnant forever!

  4. I just realized through your post that it has been A YEAR since those things... wow. That was fast! It's amazing how before having kids, I always think of not being ready to be a mom but once you see your baby, your baby makes a mom out of you instantly! Cheers!

  5. thanks for the join! your little girls such a cutie!

  6. Let's see... 1 year ago today we were in Key West drinking like fish for my brother's wedding in a few days. Marshall was already attached and growing :)

  7. Can you believe how much can happen in a year? It's amazing they go from in your tummy to a little person!!

    I hope are having a great weekend, I left you an award on my blog! Xo

  8. Thanks for the sweet comments on my blog! Can't wait to see you caterpillar party!!

  9. Thanks everyone for the comments. So much does change in a year!

    Brittany - Thanks, I will be posting plenty of pictures you can be sure!! :)


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