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Baby Time Link Up...
Julianna Milestones at 9.5 months

Jansen Family Adventures has a neat thing going on -
It's called "Baby Time Link Up - Milestones"

Carla's (Jansen Family Adventures) very cute baby Harry is about 9.5 months old ... and she thought it would be fun to link up with other moms with babies around the same age (but can be older/younger too!) to hear about and share milestones. I think it's a fun idea too!

Jansen Family Adventures

Here's what you need to do:

1-Make a post on your blog about your baby and milestones.

2-Fill out the linky form at the bottom of her post. "Title" can be anything you like, like the title of your post or blog or baby. "URL" should be the URL of your post. After you submit, your "title" should show up hyperlinked to your "URL."

3-Throughout the week, you can stop by anyone else's blogs who linked up too. She's hoping it will be a fun way to get to know each other and the kiddos better. 

4-Feel free to post the button on your post or, but no obligations!

And here is my Post about Milestones:

Julianna (like Harry) is 9.5 months old. She will be 10 months on 3/23.
She is not quite as advanced as some of her counterparts... I guess she will be a slow developer. But I know that is OK if she doesn't do things early.
She is not crawling yet... she doesn't have any teeth yet (just gums everything!!)...

This is what Julianna is doing now...
She is able to sit up strong & recover from tipping over, get on her belly, push herself backwards, roll and scoot all over (no crawl yet - but sooo close!).
Julianna stands up with us holding her hands and loves it!
She laughs out loud and giggles at everything ... and I mean everything. This kid is the happiest kid ever!

She is a chow-hound. She has really turned into such a good eater. Most days. She eats a full serving of oatmeal and a full jar of fruit for breakfast. She eats a full serving of barley cereal for dinner with a jar of veggies (or meat/veggie mix), and a jar of fruit. Lunch is a half jar of veggies and formula. She also has a bottle first thing in the morning, right before bed, and mid afternoon.

Lunch is a work in progress. Jules is not a big eater in the middle of the day. She is a piggy in the morning and night time.

Julianna is able to pick up something so intricately and study it... she can pass toys from hand to hand - and pick toys up out of a box and put them back in. It's amazing how fast they progress with this stuff. She looks for something when it is out of her site (like if daddy goes into the kitchen or a toy falls off the sofa).

The word NO. Julianna does stop in her tracks when I say NO. Like when she is trying to yank out my hair strand by strand... or my earrings. I say NO firmly and she stops. So she knows what either the tone or the word means now.

Because Jules is toothless, I am a bit nervous about giving her table food yet. (I am talking about bits of chicken or potatoes, etc) - I am still sticking with pureed stuff and stuff that dissolves like baby mum mums or Gerber puffs. I need a tooth to make me brave enough to give her stuff to chew. LOL!

Julianna is a little shy in public - she doesn't know what to make of strangers but will eventually give one of her big cutest ever gummy smiles once she feels you pass the test!

Julianna sleeps from 8pm to around 7am.
She naps around 9:30 or 10am to 11-ish. Then naps mid-afternoon from 1:30 to 2:30/3pm. Then a quickie cat nap from 5 - 6pm some nights. She seems like she is trying to drop that 3rd nap but she still needs it most days. No hurry there. She knows when she needs her naps! Thank goodness she is a good napper/sleeper.


  1. Responding to "No!"...that is SO cute! I don't know if Harry understands or ignores it, but we just set up a huge gate across the kitchen because "No!" seemed meaningless! And I totally understand the mashed foods...Harry is just as toothless as the day he was born!

    Very fun post! Thanks for linking up!


  2. Goodness, she is so CUTE! Thanks for stopping by and leaving some kind words the other day.
    This post makes me long for the days when my little ones were still babies!

  3. Carla - Thanks~! We are putting up the gates soooon. She is like 2 seconds away from crawling & I know once she starts, the word NO will mean nothing! LOL. I reserve it for when she is screeeching and I need to save my ears! haha!

    No 7 - Thanks, It's funny b/c I see blogs of moms with brand new babies and it makes me miss when Jules was a biddy widdle baby! :)


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