Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wordless Wednesday {Almost}

A few weeks ago, I won a very nice giveaway from Kelsey over at Letters From Home Blog.
She sent me some lovely headbands for Julianna. Of course I had to pop them on Julianna's head and snap some pictures of her right away. I got a few pics that were nice, but this one below is my favorite!

Check out Letters from Home when you get a chance...


  1. wonderful headband * so pretty & looks comfortable too! matches little lady's eyes just so ;)

  2. The blue flower matches Julianna's gorgeous blue eyes. Perfect picture mama.

  3. Gorgeous!
    I can't wait to have a girl... leggings and tiny ballet flats and headbands and bows... I will go CRAZY :)

  4. thanks everyone! I love that flower!
    Jess - Yeh I have to admit, girl clothes are pretty draned cute! So many frilly and fun things you can dress them in. I never thought I would be into it as much as I am - but I love getting her into some really girly stuff!!


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