Friday, March 18, 2011

Baby Legs

The last couple days have been especially nice here in NJ. It's going to hit 70 degrees. We haven't seen that since October. So I put a nice springy dress on Julianna this morning ... and some Baby Legs. Let me tell you how much I love those little leg warmers!

What a great invention. She has been wearing them since the fall but now it will start getting warm, and I can take advantage & use them more (like under a dress!). I have 3 pairs and want to get a few more springy designs. They are just too cute... and they make diaper changes much easier. I still put a onsie on under the dress because I don't like the diaper to be out in the open lol - yeh go ahead and laugh at me. I'm a freak like that.


  1. Baby Legs rock! I've got some camo ones for Marshall when it gets too warm in our apartment to put him in his fleece jammies. We have problems with nails popping up in our hardwood floors so we're going to take advantage of the Baby Legs when he starts crawling to protect his little legs.

  2. Amanda- Oh you got camo baby legs for him!? HA! Try and post of a picture of those - soo cool! :)

  3. OMG, you know I'm addicted to baby legs! They're the best especially for crawlers so their knees get an extra layer of protection. xoxo


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