Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Julianna is 10 months old today

Time is just flying by...
Julianna is 10 months today. Sooo close to 1 year! Wow! She changes every day and has such the personality now. I can't wait for her birthday party. I better get hoppin' with the plans since it's only 2 months away.

Here are some of her 10 month old traits:

Curious - She is so funny when Daddy is doing something, she watches with such intensity and you can see her little mind going a mile a minute to try and figure out what he is doing (Something so simple like heating food up in the microwave). When we are in a restaurant, she watches the waiter's every move. She turns her head to watch everything he or she is doing and why are they coming to our table?! So inquisitive.

Demanding - The minute she sees her bottle or food dish, and she's hungry... LOOK OUT! Wahhhhhhhhh! She wants it now! Scream, cry, tears - the whole nine yards... until she gets that food in her mouth! Pigggy!

Snuggly - She is only snuggly on HER terms. She will snuggle when she wants to, not when Mommy or Daddy wants to. That's what Brian and I always joke about. Everything is on her terms because she is Miss Independent.

Scheduled - She knows when it's her nap time or time to eat. I can set my watch to it. There is never any mystery as to when she will be taking her naps or eating. Makes life so much easier.

Beautiful - This little girl of ours is just so beautiful and amazing. I look into her eyes and I can see her soul. She is full of innocence and love. Can I bottle this up and keep her like that forever?!

Playful - Loves to play. All the time. She loves waving her toys in the air and making this funny face & panting. Too funny! She loves shaking her noisy toys like Moroccas & laughing. She is open to any new toy we give her, especially one she hasn't seen or used before.

Happy - Giggling ... Laughing ... hysterical laughing ... squealing... screeching ... She is happy all the time and always making some kind of laughing noise. We drove home from dinner the other night and she was in the back by herself giggling up a storm. At what, I have no idea since it was dark out!

Excitable - Daddy knows how to get Julianna super excited & riled up! He holds her up in the air, or kisses her belly, and she laughs hysterically. It's so funny to watch. He calls it the Giggle-monster!

Hungry - Only in the mornings & night. She is not a good daytime eater. She is a ravenous little piggy at night and in the morning. She loves her applesauce. That is her favorite! She will eat any veggie or fruit (except peaches or bananas). We are still trying to branch out with 'normal' food. We want to start mashing up some of our food for her- but she has so far rejected anything lumpy. Purees for now. Baby Steps. Getting there...

Good Incredible Sleeper - No matter what kind of day Julianna has had... when we put her down for bedtime at 8pm, she goes right to sleep - and we don't hear a peep from her until the morning. We have never had to go in and feed her or change a diaper ever since she has been sleeping through the night. I think alot of it has to do with the fact we never co-slept with her and she was in her crib from day one. She loves being in her crib and knows Crib = sleep.

Other stuff -
She is very good at picking up small things & transferring from one hand to another. She says DaDa all the time- and talks so much baby talk... almost sounds like a real language - so funny! She puts her hands out and gestures when she wants something. She can put things into a container and take them out...

Crawling - No go. Not yet. Soooo close but yet so far. My kid is just slow. That's the way it is. It will be on her terms like I said above - haha!
She IS however able to sit herself up from a laying down position.. this is new for her (yeh yeh I know, she should have been doing that already but she is slow!! LOL)

Teeth - No go. Not one. We joke that she will be eating pureed steak when she is 18 yrs old.

Julianna can wave bye bye now ... and shake her head NO. Sometimes, I'm not sure if she means it but she likes to shake her head no when she is done eating or when you talk to her. It's clear she doesn't want something when she does that. Pretty funny!

Jules loves our dog Pepper. She pulls Pepper's ears, tail, feet... anything she can get her little hands on... and Pepper just sits there and looks at her. Pepper is a good sport. She is even better than we thought she would be with Julianna. But... Pepper does get her revenge. I see her lick Julianna's face from chin to forehead. Jule doesn't like it much ... but hey - if Julianna can pull Pepper's tail, then Pepper can get a good wet baby lick in from time to time.

On a side note - The blogger spell-check sucks ass. It hasn't worked in a couple weeks. I apologize for any spelling errors but .... hey, that's the way it is. Maybe it will be fixed soon..

And with the 10 month blog post, comes the 10 month photos...

Pondering life...  

Julianna loves to roll around on Mommy & Daddy's unmade bed! 

"This is wayyy softer than my crib!"  

Julianna and Pepper hanging out together...  


  1. Happy 10 months Julianna! Awesome list mama and beautiful pictures as always. My GF's son just got his first tooth- he will be one in two weeks :) I just threw up in my mouth a little when I read pureed steaks- just the thought.

  2. She is just gorgeous! There is no way around it! I love all the comments about Miss Independent...wouldn't it be fun to hear what goes through their heads?


  3. Oh my gosh. She DOES look soo happy in her pictures! love it. Aren't baby laughs the best!

    And you described my child when you were talking about food. I was worried because Chloe will have just eaten and if she sees food or a bottle, she wants it....bad. In fact, if she even sees me in the kitchen she thinks it's time to eat and she throws a tantrum. Yeesh.

  4. Love this post. Happy 10 months Julianna!

  5. Happy 10 months! Time flies huh Skye? Do you also feel like you just had her? That's how feel and can't believe that it will be a year in less than 2 months! I love Jules' photos by the way, she is still the cutest thing ever. xoxo


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